2.44 Release Candidate App Beta Test 7/24/2023

Cyberdog, I’m on my iPhone right now, and I put it in “low power mode” to see if I get the performance issue that you are. I don’t use low power mode so I wouldn’t have noticed an issue, but I’ll keep it in low mode power mode just to see if it causes a performance issue. Does not seem to be a problem so far……tlhutch4

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Anyone having issues sharing cameras to someone new?

I get a dialog box with “Internet Connection Issue. Please try again when internet is connected”

Not… not an issue on 4 devices

Also red banner at top that says “Failed to load hms service”

This is on IOS 16.6 on an iPhone 14

Wyze 2.44.0 (4)

I also have Cam Plus Unlimited Camera Annual Plan

Interesting I get hms error as I don’t subscribe to the Home Monitoring Service.

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Something changed from the Beta!

The ability to group the doorbells with other cams was great. The only downside I saw was that the tile was the same size as the other cams so it squished the doorbell image a bit and also cropped it. It was a bit distorted.

I just opened the Production Release App, opened the group, and BAM!

The doorbell is HUGE compared to the other tiles. Takes up the whole screen.


Must be an IOS issue as I got it to work on one of my Android devices and even rolled back to release app on IOS to see if that addressed it which it did not. Same behavior on all of my IOS devices.


I’m getting the same error. iPhone 13 running 16.6. All firmware are up to date. I am not subscribed to HMS either.

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I am a Cam Plus annual unlimited

Identical problem, identical circumstances here. Wife can’t operate lights from her iPhone.

Has there been a tech response to this issue? A fix? Something??

@Simple @dann
The sharing issue is something we know about and are working on. You may be able to share the device by going into the device settings and sharing from there until the issue is fixed.

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Except the ‘Share’ option is not present when selecting the device. Said lights are grouped together; ‘Living Room Group’, if that makes a difference. The lights are not also listed separately in the app.

You are correct, the share option is not available in the settings of every device. The fix should be out soon, I do apologize for the frustration.

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So, I am correct then, that there is not a workaround for this issue at present.

Yes, you are correct, there is no workaround for devices that do not have the share in settings also. When the fix is public I will post an update here pointing to the update post.

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The update that includes this fix is being released.

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Hi, I updated the app but still do not see sharing in device settings. What am I missing?

Convoluted, but figured it out. Thanks.

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It did not add sharing to device setting it fixed the issue of getting an error when you try to share a device. To share a device go to Account (lower right) → Sharing, you can then share items from there, prior to this update you would get an error.

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Yep. Need to be able to share a group of devices, such as lights.

Well, now the landscape mode that did fill the screen on live viewing now doesn’t.
I don’t believe it was like this before.
Big black bars on either side until you zoom in.

Android Pixel 7 Pro