2.4 or 5 GHz?

I didn’t see any discussion here about this. I made note of it on Facebook, but no one has said anything.

When I set up the camera and it found my mesh network, it showed that 2.4 and 5 GHz Wi-Fi were found. The camera connected fine. But which frequency is it using? Camera details does not indicate. What if I want to switch frequencies to see if the other works better for the camera’s location. Right now, the Battery Pro shows one bar of signal. A nearby v3 camera (2.4 GHz only) has 3 bars.

I asked questions about how it decides which band to use, but the questions didn’t get very many votes, so the product manager ran out of time answering the more highly rated questions first.

First thing to be aware of: Signal strength Bars are not standardized. They are arbitrary and mean almost nothing nowadays. 1 bar on one device can actually have a STRONGER signal than 3 bars on a different device.

However, most smart devices will do something LIKE the following when the 5GHz and 2.4 GHz Band share the same SSID name and password:

If the device can connect to 5GHz with a signal better than -70dBm, then it will prefer/use 5GHz. (Note: the closer to 0, the stronger the signal).
If the 5GHz signal is worse than -70dBm, then it will use the 2.4GHz band.
Sometimes they will give a little flexibility, such as letting it connect to 5GHz once the signal is -65dBm, but switch over to 2.4GHz once it hits -71dBm, and will only switch back to 5GHz if the signal gets back to -65dBm strength. Something like that.

So, it’s possible that your Battery Cam Pro is showing 1 bar on 5GHz but would have higher bars if it switched to 2.4GHz. But 1 bar might also be a good, solid connection, especially on 5GHz.

So, how do you tell if it is on 5GHz or 2.4GHz? You’ll have to pull up the device on your router and see which one your router says it is connected to.

My main point is: don’t worry too much about the signal strength bars, especially if the camera otherwise seems to be functioning fine. It can be somewhat useful, but they can also represent inconsistent or arbitrary ranges since there is no standardization for what the number of bars is supposed to mean.

If Wyze was smart they would have signal strength in decibels.

If memory serves me correctly didn’t Whyze have decibels for signal strength in V2’s long ago and switched at one point with an update?
I deal with many manufacturers of camera’s and it’s hard to keep track…

Bars are no good for judging the signal compared to a reading in decibels.

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I know some of the cameras will show -dBm if you click on the Signal strength. I think the OG’s do, or at least they did, but I just recently lent mine out, and haven’t reactivated them since I got them back so I can’t check right now. There might be others that show it too, but I have historically used my router to check the RSSI -#dBm to know how good my signal strength/connection to a device is/was. It’s a lot more reliable and will usually show more information than a device will in it’s UI.

That is if your WAP, MESH, or Router allows access if from broadband provider.

Not all routers/WAP/MESH provide the signal strength, just checked a remote location that I have an Access Point at. The Connected Devices screen shows everything but the signal strength.

Wyze should have the signal strength in decibels (-#dBm) as it makes troubleshooting connection issues easier, even for their customer support agents…

Does the camera log show -#dBm signal strength, haven’t looked at a Whyze camera log :thinking:

Edit: V3, V3 pan, V2, & V2 pan do not show -#dBm for signal strength if clicking on the bars

Interesting, I"ve never seen or had a router that didn’t include that information. :man_shrugging: Even the Wyze routers that have very limited device information compared to most that I’ve had throughout my life, have the RSSI/-#dBm info per device. I just assumed all routers have it since I’d never seen one without it before.

Regardless, I agree with you that Wyze should include it on every device in the Device Info area of the settings. I think the reason they don’t is that the majority of people have no idea what -#dBm is anyway. Everyone can understand x/y bars though. But I think it would be good for Wyze to standardize their camera UI to always show both…show the number of bars (and preferably tell us somewhere what 0 to 3 bars stands far), and then show the exact dBm when we click on the bars. I can’t see any reason anyone would have an objection to that, so we’re certainly in agreement on that point.

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