2.39 App Release Candidate Beta Test 2/2/2023

Providing this link, but I don’t take any responsibility for what is on the site or the packages being provided

You searched for wyze - APKMirror

Also, to install APK’s on Windows 11, search for how to install an APK on Windows 11, there will be a process to follow

I have read where some were successful in getting it installed and working.

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I have to report another bug in iOS 16.2. The app feedback/video sharing with Wyze about AI mishaps doesn’t work. There is double screen that gets cut off hiding almost half the screen.

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I’m not seeing this on mine, can you send a video of it popping up?

I just tried to take a video and it’s working fine. Must’ve been some sort of a glitch. I’ll keep an eye and see if it happens again. I don’t usually get to many false negatives and I’m okay with it.


I’m sad to announce that Wyze hasn’t addressed the going to sleep issue with iOS in group view. My iPhone with the beta version goes to sleep but my iPad with 2.38.2 stays awake 24/7.

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This app is still experiencing the issue where playback skips the first minute of every hour. In todays fix it Friday they said this should be fixed in beta, but for the v3 on FW and the app on I’m still seeing this. Note that you can manually scroll the playback head to a time included in the first hour and watch completely normal playback, it’s just the auto that doesn’t work right.

Cam log: 929005
App log: 929008

Camera Mac: 7C78B20C7BD0
Rough Timestamp: 10:20 AM PDT


This is preposterous! I can’t believe Wyze would push a beta firmware on my cams. What a heck?! On Feb 9 I got notified that beta FW is available. Today it got pushed on two of my cams, one at home and one at the cottage. Is this a normal for beta testers to have stuff shoved down their throats?

Normally, you would select Update to get the Updates. Am I safe in assuming you are talking about the Lake Cam and Porch Cam?

If you selected to Beta Test the FW, then you would be notified, but I have never had any FW automatically install without me clicking on the Update option.

If you don’t want the Beta FW, I would go to About > Beta Program and then remove the check mark next to the Devices you don’t want the FW for.

But to answer you question, I have never had FW automatically installed unless I selected to do it. Unless it was a critical Security issue. Are you sure you did not stream the camera and select Yes to the FW update question? Or maybe someone else with the app and your credentials?

I am 100% sure that I didn’t select any one of the cameras to update. I was going to do it tomorrow. Also I have my cameras split into two groups, home and cottage, and rarely view single cameras. The good thing is that the FW is behaving well so far on the two cams.

Edit: Also I am the only one on beta program on my phone and the phone is glued to me :rofl:

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I will need to keep an eye out on things like this.

As you, the FW seems to be functioning well.

Device list widget bugs

On this beta release on multiple devices, the device status (on/off) for the device list widget are very often incorrect.
It doesn’t appear that there’s any syncing of that information or if there is, I have no idea when that is done.

Additionally, camera groups and bulb groups show up on the list but selecting them does nothing. Plug groups works taking you to the group in the app.

For what it’s worth, i have been in the beta program almost from the beginning on every Wyze device that I own. Never have I had a beta update forced on me - ever.


In any case, no harm done. The new firmware looks to be running fine, so I am going to deploy it to the rest of my cams. Fingers crossed :slight_smile:

I installed the Beta Firmware and the other three v3s. It installed fine without any issues and it’s running as expected. When I had it loaded on only two of the cameras, it seemed to load live view a bit slower, 1 to 2 seconds then the other three without the update. Not a big deal though.


If you have a cam plus subscription you can use wyze web view…

Why not just use the wyze web view? That way you don’t have to use bluestack. The only drawback is you have to have a cam plus subscription to use it…

Another way that work’s really well is it use the new M1 and M2 silicon Macs. Wyze app runs like a charm. The only drawback is if your Mac doesn’t have a built in microphone you can’t use two way radio.

I use Wyze Web View and like it for the cameras. Installing the App on Windows 11 or other devices, will provide you with the entire app and devices on a PC and not only the cameras.

Plus, you don’t need to install Blue Stack as Windows 11 Support Android Apps. you only need to add the ability to allow for it which involves installing an app to do the install.

He was asking about running the Wyze program on a PC. The part that I did not know is that Windows 11 can run Android apps - but I don’t have any computer that can run Windows 11.
As far as using Wyze web view - it only allows watching, and not control as the app does. It also is WAY not ready for prime time. Although once in a while it will stay connected to a camera for an extended duration, that is the exception. Most of the time it freezes cameras within a few minutes to as much as an hour. Last night for example I was trying to watch one camera, and it could not stay connected for more than 5 minutes. Brought the same camera up on my phone and it stayed up all evening.

I will test this on mine. Not to long ago, I was having work done in my garage and streamed a V3 camera for 8 hours. But have not checked recently.