2.32 app RC test 6/9/2022

Same here, so I tested on my iOS which is on the latest RC build and still the same results


Just installed the Android app and did a similar test with a motion sensor and bulb. The test was successful. When motion was seen it turned a bulb on. In 5 minutes the bulb went off.

Will do more testing to see if it continues to work with different timings. I will also compare to iOS


Did you install 2.32.0.b150 for Android? I’m still not seeing the update. :confused:

Yes, it was available to me this morning

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Thx for confirming. Need to test a bunch of stuff in this RC build so still in wait over here. :+1:

Anything I can test for you?

I am testing the Camera triggering a Bulb for x minutes for Carver. Then do the same test but go back in front of the camera and see if the counter starts over.

Spoiler - It did restart the counter when I used a motion sensor. So now it is the Camera test. :slight_smile:


Sure! This is an important issue that probably didn’t make the build:

It’s a simple test. From an Android device, pull up a live stream for a cam type other than v3. Tap anywhere in the live stream space.

I am using Android 12 and don’t have the issue. I tapped on the Live Stream on a V2, Cam Pan v2, and WCO v2, all did not have issues. Double tap does a zoom in.

I did see that they corrected issues related to Android 10


Thanks for testing! Do you have a pre-Android 12 device to check this issue?

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I will try with my ONN Tablet, I think it is pre 12.



Just test on Android 11 and everything functions as expected. I don’t recall having this issue in the past, but mainly use Android 12.

Note: When I was testing in the past and encountered issues with my BT connected devices, I ended clearing cache, uninstalling the app, restarting the device, and then installing the app fresh. Once I did that, it worked without issue. Curious if your problems would go away if you did the same.


Just wanted to update everyone on the Turn on for X Rule Action:

  • My testing with Android 12 using b150 worked as expected. I tested the following:
    • Camera detecting motion turned light on for 5 minutes and then it went off
    • Motion Detected turned lights on for 5 minutes and then it went off
    • Plug turned on causing the bulb to turn on for 5 minutes then it went off

Basically, I was testing any Trigger with the action for the bulb being Turn on for X Minutes.

For the Good News

If motion or trigger even occurs again, the counter or countdown clock resets.


I not only did that, I started fresh with a burner phone. :grin:

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Well then. It is working on this version. :slight_smile:

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That’s good news! Thank you for testing. :smiley: RC still not available here, but I’m sure it will show up sometime today.

Will be interested if it works when you get the update as well.

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Argh, the app just hates me I guess. I don’t know why it works for you but not me. Maybe it only works to reset the timer for motion but not no for person triggers? Maybe it’s because I’m using RC app and you guys are on beta? So weird. Maybe it’s that I’m using Cam Plus Pro on that camera? Maybe because I’m having it do a group instead of an individual bulb.

None of that should matter. I verified the initial trigger turns on the bulbs, but subsequent triggers aren’t resetting the time (for me).

I guess I’ll have to start small and add 1 change at time until I figure out why it’s only not working for me.


As usual, app update still not available to me on Android. Updated the @#$%^& iPhone yesterday, but the phone that I use primarily, and with the current version is un-usable can’t update…

You’re doing better than me. Android b148 is totally un-usable. App crashes if selecting a camera group, and any individual camera selected just goes to a blank white screen.

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Same here, but it’s not usual for me. :confused:

You must be running Android 10.


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