2.26 App Beta Test 10/28/2021

  • iOS:2.26.0(5)

  • Android: 2.26.11

  • Added support for Wyze Lamp Socket

  • Added support for Discovery Card

  • Added support for a beta tag for beta firmware in individual and bulk firmware update views

  • Added support for heart rate measurement for Wyze Scale S

  • Updated external storage using Android 11 requirements ( Android Only )

  • Bug fixes

  • Issues on check and play downloaded Timelapse ( Android Only )
  • Snapshot, Record, and Timelapse in different cameras ( Android Only )

Just checked and it does not seem to be available in the Google Play Store yet. Will keep checking


Just got it, will test and provide feedback

EDIT on Issue 1: On Android it was moved to the Accounts Menu, Notifications, then Push Notifications

  • Issue 2 When you view the VDB, the Settings icon and the Close icon is up too high. The close icon is actually covered by the Camera on the Pixel 5. If you tap a little below and to the left they will function. But it was hard to find the spot. Image below has arrows to where I am talking about. Notice how the Settings icon is over the battery percentage. Note: iOS 15.1, I do not see this issue.


Android app 2.26.11

The help dialog on the Home screen is great (for new users?). But how do I turn it off to save screen real estate?


Good question. This does not exist on the iOS Wyze App Home Screen.

  • iOS 15.1
  • Wyze App 2.26.0(5)


Just a heads up for anyone wondering @Mavens :slight_smile: about it, the VoIP settings have been moved and they are now in a different area. One that’s not very intuitive but after a second of thinking makes sense.

Go to the settings page, >notifications, > push notifications for the VoIP settings. No doubt people will be asking about this and where they disappeared to.


You are Brilliant. I thought it got left out. Thanks for the update. I posted 2 pictures above and notice iOS still has a form of VoIP located in the Applications Settings.

Also, you are correct in that it makes sense when you think about it. I actually went to the Doorbell Settings area to see if they moved it there since it is only related to the doorbell. But it wasn’t.

Thanks again.


Help banner has got to go!


I personally don’t mind it, but at minimum you should be able to turn it off


It sounds like you and I had the exact same train of thoughts lol. I went to doorbell settings too before I started my adventure to find it. :shushing_face:

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I am not a fan, but, I am also very familiar with the app.
Space is already limited especially if you have an abundance of Wyze devices :smiley: … with that.

Good opportunity to provide “How To” information, but yes, we should be able to control visibility.
I can only assume that there was some intent given it’s on one platform and not the other.


Still waiting for IOS version to show up for me

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I received mine from TestFlight last night. Sometimes I had to uninstall the current version then go to TestFlight and install it again.

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Check again, I finally just got Wyze App 2.26.0(5) to install on my iPhone 15.1 and the How to Banner is there as well. Found no way to turn it off.


It came through about an hour after I posted.


I see it now. I installed the app yesterday, or maybe I dreamed it… :slight_smile:

But it is there now.

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There is no current way to turn it off, I am hoping for one to show up as something like that should really be a choice.


Is it me or did the resolution of the app get much smaller this morning? On iOS I have yet to look at my Android devices

When viewing events and going into any filter page the show results button is over lapping the cancel option. You can still get to it but its covered.

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My Android Device seems to look ok, I will check the iOS.

This is what it looks like on my Android Device.

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On my iOS it looks fine as well. The one difference is tha I don’t have any camera’s in groups. Maybe that could be affecting your display.

Here is what it looks like on my iOS Device with the Beta Wyze App and iOS Version 15.1

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Just checked. Both my Android devices are showing normal as well. Its just the iPhone iOS app the the results and filter are over lapping on.

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