12 second clips gone

I used to see stills of 12 second clips in “view playback”. Now I only find a sliding scale of of time periods, What happened?

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Have you tried clearing the App Cache?

Formatted the sd card and deleted/ reinstalled app. Also reset camera,

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Can you provide a picture of what you are seeing?

Also, have you subscribed to Cam Plus or Cam Plus Lite? I am asking as the 12 second clips are not part of the Cam Plus Lite Subscription. You can subscribe to this service with a Name your Price option, including $0.

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Also, let us know your App version. 2.39 was released this week and maybe that is not playing well with your setup.

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The View Playback bar at the bottom of the V3 Live View has always been a link to the recorded micro SD card footage. It has always been a timeline slider of video footage, never still image thumbnails of 12s Video.

If you have your micro SD to record Events Only in the Advanced Settings, you will see a timeline with white unrecorded space and colored space when video was recorded. If you have your microSD set to record continuous, the timeline will be all colored.

The Thumbnail images of the 12s videos you described are in the Events Tab. These are the Event Videos uploaded to the cloud, not recorded to the micro SD card. These will only show thumbnails for 12s video for cams on Cam Plus Lite. If you are no longer seeing these there, check that your Events Filters (funnel button) haven’t been changed to hide these videos for that cam (motion\person).

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Thank you! You solved it!