12/24V to USB power supply

Where you the one the said you had these and the worked great?


I was also thinking of this so I could use TINYCAM PRO without switching tv sources and it’ll tie into my existing Alexa account. What ya think?


Wasn’t me, I never used them, but they should work great.

The Fire tablets are good for the price, I got my wife an 8" a few moths ago and she loves it. The only thing is you need to sideload the Google play store onto it in order to use the Wyze app. I’m not sure if Tiny cam is available in the Amazon app store or not. But even if it isn’t, adding the play store is very simple and just involves downloading and installing 3 files. When I did it for my wife’s, no computer was necessary, just go to one of many sites on the tablets browser, download the files, and install…Simple and you get access to a lot more apps.

Tiny Cam pro is on my fire TV and fire TV stick 4K that I have already so I would imagine it would be on the tablet but who knows

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I was thinking of getting this because it’s only $130 more than the tablet


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That would be cool if it can run Tiny Cam…Big screen camera monitor and a good price too.

Please don’t take this wrong and I’m not meaning to doubt you but as I was reading on this it was saying it was just a two output. And I need three output am I miss reading the specs from the website that I looked up it was the MEAN website.

Edit: Now that I read the Amazon description it says single output


Since it was 10 amp, the way I would plan to do it would be to connect all 3 cameras to the one output. Similarly to the way your old 12v system was. 10amps at 5 volts would be enough for several Wyze cams. But I thought you bought the 12v to USB converters?

I did those will have to go at the end where the cameras are actually at I will have to cut the wire and wire them together and then use the USB in to the camera.

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OK I think I understand what you’re saying now. Cut the single cord where the joiner with the power supply is and just insert it into this power supply essentially just like with existing power supply. Cut at the red line essentially

Yup…I think you had a 3 way or 4 way splitter that connected to the 12v power supply that then connected to all the power cables that run to each camera, right? So my thought was to cut the connector of like you’ve shown in the picture and connect it to the 5v power supply. You would now have 5v at each camera and then on the camera end of each of the power cable, use a barrel connector to USB adapter.

Assuming those are the correct barrel connector size

No because I would cut the wires and splice them with the 12 V to 5v adapters so I wouldn’t need barrel adapters

Yes, your way is perfectly fine :smiley: There’s a bunch of ways to do it. Back when I mentioned the power supply and adapters, I meant just the one 5v power supply and 3 adapters for the three cameras with no 12v to 5v converters needed.
The way you’re doing though with 3 stepdown converters should be fine though.

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I may order this for the power supply. We Requires zero cutting and splicing and should give me more than ample power. I’m going to go with the existing power supply initially to see if it works and if it doesn’t then this is another option due to think about


Good find…And yes, try what you have and hopefully it will all work like you hope. Fingers crossed!

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I just double checked. The outside barrel size and the inside barrel size are the same as my current wall wart. So it should accept the male barrel of my current power supply. So if I don’t have enough power this should work perfectly I think.:crossed_fingers: I pray​:innocent:

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I got two of the outdoor cameras put up. The V2s. I’m actually going to put a pan next and I’m just too tired to do it tonight.

Nice job…Looks great!

The pan is next. It has an actual metal mount which is going to take a little bit more adjusting them the V2 plastic mount. But it’ll be nice to have a pan that can move around and might get it done tomorrow we’ll see

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