12/24V to USB power supply

Well I ordered 4 cameras. They had a bundle where if you buy two you get a discount so I went head and just bought 4. I can put the other one on my front porch to monitor the front door. I bought three of the 12 V to 5 V converter‘s. And I bought three 128 GB
San Disk extreme micro SD cards. Should be here on Monday and will see how she goes wish me luck my friend

You use tiny cam pro correct? I might need some help setting that up once I get these other cameras set up so that I can watch them on my TV. I bought the $4.99 pro version so I’ve tried to set it up I’ve just had difficulty. It keeps wanting me to change what camera number it is. But we will get to that when the time comes. If it comes. :joy:

No, I do own Tiny Cam Pro and have used it in the past with non Wyze cameras, but I haven’t used it in a couple years. I do display cameras on two wall mounted Android tablets, but since they are now all Wyze brand, I just use the Wyze app now. I’m only using one camera of another brand now and it’s inside a bird house to watch nesting birds in the spring.

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How many cameras can you see on the screen at one time?

Four since I have the tablets hanging in landscape mode. But I normally only display just one, the one that watches my main door and driveway. That one is the one displayed 24/7 so I can see if someone is is coming and I don’t have any need to display the other ones that are indoors at all times. For me, the indoor cameras are for when I’m away.

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What tablet you got. I hate to buy a iPad. Expensive

I used old tablets. One is an 8" Samsung Galaxy Tab A from I think 2016 and the other is an ancient 10" HP touchpad from 2011. I got the Galaxy Tab A on eBay for like $60 a year or so ago when my wife wanted a second camera monitor in the kitchen. The HP originally shipped with Web OS, but I installed Android on it and that one has been mounted as a camera monitor on my living room wall for like 7 years and counting. I started using it all those years ago with a Foscam camera and an app called IP Cam Viewer. I still use that app today for my birdhouse camera, but it isn’t compatible with Wyze unless you use the RTSP firmware. Tiny cam is, but I can’t use that on my iPhones and I’ve always used iPhones. I had Tiny Cam Pro when I first got a Wyze camera and wanted to display it along with some other brands all on one app on the Android tablet. Now with all Wyze cams, I just use the Wyze app on the tablets.

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I’ll be going all Wyze cams too. But tiny cam pro would be nice to bring up on tv or projector when in basement.

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Great idea! That will be really cool to pull up all the cameras at once on a big screen!

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I just need to sit down and spend time with tiny cam pro. Just going Wyze should simplify it.

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@raym64 I am very disappointed in you. You forgot to remind me that I needed mounts to mount them to the house. I just now remembered so I’m going to place an order for mounts right now. You’re like Yoda you’re supposed to remember all the stuff. Need a bracket where the wire goes through the bracket otherwise it’s going to pinch off the cable because right now the wires go through the bracket into the camera and I am not able to find that for a Wyze Camera

OOPS!.. I’ll try to do better next time :rofl:

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If I get a usb 18w quick wall charger the cams only pull what they need correct? So it wouldn’t hurt them?

3-Pack Quick Charge 3.0 USB Wall Charger Adapter,18W Charging Block Fast Charger for Samsung Apple iPhone Ipad Google LG HTC and More(Quick Charge 2.0 Compatible) Qualcomm Certified USB Charger TININ https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07D3SLD1D/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_i_s9kxEb7D2T8P9

Yup…The rule of thumb for power supplies electrically speaking is that you can always go larger amps/watts wise but not smaller. A device will only use what it needs which is why you can plug either a 1500 watt electric heater or a 1 watt nightlight into the same 15 amp outlet.

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Plus you didn’t catch that I only ordered 2 cameras not 4! You’re really slipping. :joy:.

On a plus note the 12v to 5v converters fit through the existing hole that the old CCTV cams used to run wires into attic so they will be protected and I don’t need to do any modifications to the house. Also the micro usb plug fits perfectly into a v2.

So if I have enough power all should be well. I really don’t think it’ll be a problem. If the old power supply ran four 12v cams then it should run three 5v cameras I would think without a problem.

Wow, always nice when everything fits together nicely! You lucked out there, glad to hear it.

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Messing with it you can easily get the USB cord into the V2 but you could not use a bridge with it because the cords a little bit thicker. I’m sure you could but it would be a very tight fit. You put the USB cord in first and then put the bridge and I bet it would work but I’m not putting a bridge outside anyway so it doesn’t matter. And I’m moving one of my Orbi satellites to the garage which will increase my Wi-Fi coverage for my outdoor cameras

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So I’m starting to wonder if I do have enough power. This is the existing power supply that powered the four 12v CCTV cameras.

The three v2 cams take 1amp each. The power supply is 2amp I believe. Am I correct?

Have you tried it yet? You may not know for sure until you do. The thing is you’re also adding a buck converter in there so watts is probably a better figure to use since the voltage has changed. 2 amps at 12vdc is 24 watts
A v2 camera at 1 amp is 5 watts so two of them would be 10 watts combined on a power supply that is providing 24 watts. There’s some loss involved in the length of wire and in the conversion to 5 volts, but it looks like it should be good

I’m planning on running three. There is still some extra wattage so hopefully I’ll be good. I may attempt it tomorrow.

Today I moved one of my Orbi satellites to the garage. And I put a contact sensor and a wyze bulb inside my Milwaukee tool chest. So when I open the lid I have a light. The Orbi being in the garage will help with the Wi-Fi for the outdoor cameras too.

what you can’t see you is there is a built in power strip in the tool chest inside and I plug the lightbulb in it. There’s also a power strip on the outside of the Toolchest. They’re really very very nice tool chest. But you can get them cheaper in black from the company that actually makes them. They make them for Milwaukee in red and jack up the price. I found that out after I bought mine

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Great idea with the sensor in the tool chest. I’ve seen those Milwaukee chests and they are really nice!

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