1 CamV3 not recording for door sensor trigger

I have two V3 cameras (door-cam and living room cam) that both have CamPlus subscriptions. I also have a door sensor connected through a V2 Camera hub. For the longest time, door-cam would record a video whenever the door sensor would trigger, but the other day I noticed no video events. I went into the door sensor settings and made sure that all 3 cameras were selected (they were); however, after that, triggers would only record on the living room cam and the V2 cam. I have tried changing the batteries in the sensor, removing the sensors and reinstalling, but no change.

I then tried swapping the positions of the two V3 cameras, so at least the one that was working would capture the door. So I moved the living room into the door area, and the door into the living room, but it will still only record through the camera in the living room (which was the door cam).

Any thoughts or troubleshooting suggestions?

Thank you

Can you post a screenshot of your rule? And can you post a screenshot of your rule history?

Just to confirm you’re saying your old V1 contact sensor does still work with the bridge that is connected to a V2 camera, but it’s just not all cameras that are included in the rule are uploading a short video to the cloud anymore?

Hi there

Yes my contact sensors are working and connected to V2 camera. I am uploading screenshots of the rule - however the log does show that the two sensors (a door and a motion) have an error. It is strange because I get notifications of motion and door openings.

Here is the error screenshot

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