V1 Sensor Videos

All of my v1 sensors are online, but when tripped they are not triggering the cameras like they used to. I’m curious if anyone else has noticed the same thing?

All firmware is current. I’m running on the Android platform with app version: 2.28.0 (102)

My v1 sensors are triggering cam video. Maybe it has something to do with cam type or the recent subscription change. I’m triggering v3 cams that have Cam Plus applied. Which cams are you triggering and do you have any type of subscription?

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Thanks for your reply. After my post I removed all of the cams from my sensors. I then restarted the camera that has the bridge. I then added the cams back in to the sensors and all seems well. Not sure what to make of it, but the fix was quick and easy. All is well again. :slight_smile:

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Great to hear you’re back up and running. Thank you for the update! :+1: Now we have a potential solution for anyone else with this problem.