Zero second event clips with corresponding gap in SD card recording

I’ve seen people hint at this issue in passing, but somehow I must have missed the solution thread for it…

Is there a workaround or fix for zero second event video clips?

Every so often, I get an event video clip that just won’t play, apparently because it doesn’t exist.

When I try to play the clip on Android (Wyze app or tinyCam) , the app just zones out forever and I have to back out to the list of event videos.

On iOS, this comforting message appears, even if the event is days old - “The video clip doesn’t exist in the cloud or is still being uploaded. Please try again later.”

Generally this occurs when two different event types occur just a few seconds apart - one sound and one motion.

Also the video timeline slider that appears when you try to open the video reports 00.00/00.00 instead of 00.00/00.12 sec.

So, today, I watch the first (sound) clip and it plays fine, but the second clip (motion) won’t. No worries, I jump to the playback timeline to see the rest of the story and there is a 3 second gap in the SD card recording at about the time the second event clip would have ended. Also the second clip should have been a Person Detection and not just a motion event as you can see in the thumbnail.

Running latest versions of each app and the rest of the SD recording looks fine at quick glance. Recent reflash of current Wyze V2 firmware and formatting of SD card.

How often is anyone else encountering this? Is this likely a Wyze Person Detection pilot issue or something I can fix by only leaving one type of detection turned on, etc?


2020-05-20 (MS12)

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Interesting. I can’t. Help you. But I will. Add. This.

Running near-latest Wyze android app and latest firmware. I get the zero second event video clips and this behavior, too:

When I try to play the clip on Android (Wyze app or tinyCam) , the app just zones out forever and I have to back out to the list of event videos.

I’m way vanilla, I don’t have Sound Events enabled, nor Person Detection, I have SD card set to Record Events.

The camera is pointed at a pretty boring scene. Nothing even remotely like a missile silo.

I know I got a message like the iOS one at least once:

The video clip doesn’t exist in the cloud or is still being uploaded. Please try again later.

I’ll pay more attention next time I notice it and report anything significant. :slight_smile:

More data points are always helpful! :slightly_smiling_face:

Very interesting! I was starting to hope it was just a conflict between two different types of events trying process at the same time over a sometimes marginal data connection, but apparently not. I tend to run sound, motion and person detection everywhere, but this has popped up even on cams connected to good cable internet.

But… this was the first time it all seemed to obviously come together, especially with the very clear gap in the SD card recording. I filed a support ticket and will pay a lot closer attention to when these occur in future as well.

Someone mentioned Wyze power supplies being marginal, which had not occurred to me, so maybe I’ll plug some into an Anker tablet charger and see if the cams behave any better…?

Yeah, I finally got tired of boring camera names… :grinning:

Yeah, the power supply, could be. Was that the post where the cat said powering the combo of the bridge and cam was too much? Caught my eye.

In the same sketchy neighborhood:

Silos made me smile. :slight_smile:


…sorry about that first “sentence.” Was listening to T. Monk. tmonk_crep_40

Is not the first imperative to go where the music takes you? And that is some great music to post by! :slightly_smiling_face:

Might have been. Just heard back from a Wyze tech and he also hinted at a possible power supply issue. It’s a Wyze plug about a year old.

But now, as I am going through much more of the timeline, there are a lot more short gaps in the SD card timeline for that cam. :face_with_thermometer: Some are connected to zero second event clips and some are related to nothing.

So now I will order some of the Samsung PRO Endurance SD cards as well more USB wall chargers to try out until Wyze can provide more a definitive opinion.

You have my sympathies. One of mine started acting naughty a couple of days ago - many 12-sec Events not being generated when SD card Events are (not attributable to the 5 min cool down thing.)

It is mounted high and is perfectly aimed and I am ladder-averse and I’m trying to convince myself that it’s something intermittent that will resolve itself if I don’t sweat it but so far no. And so. Chet Baker.

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