It would be nice to have a Wyze integration with Zapier ( This would allow for more advanced process rules than available natively within Wyze or by using IFTTT.

Let me add a few advantages:

  • Becoming a Zapier app is a simple process for the Wyze product team, sometimes even a codeless one depending on what you already shooting your API.
  • Becoming a Zapier app is free. Zapier business model is to charge to the end user, not the Apps ecosystem like IFTTT
  • The increase in remote work means more businesses using Wyze to monitor their former office space, be it for co-work sharing (i.e. shared access control through Wyze lock), or security purposes (Intrusion monitoring using cameras). Zapier would allow such new adopters to integrate with business apps for productivity, communication, project management. The way I see it: Zapier is for B2B what IFTTT is for B2C,

I look forward to seeing a Wyze+Zapier integration.


since the fall of IFTT this needs to happen lol

This is a no-brainer at this point. It’s now Aug 2021, 2 years from when this was first posted.

Tells you something about Zapier. It also doesn’t support Sengled, Govee, and lots of others that IFTTT supports.

This is a must since i can’t have IFTT use custom inputs to set wyze led strips to a particular color. I’d like a twitch command to send a color command to the lights. Right now, it has to manually be created in IFTT instead of taking a color variable like lifx lights.

With zapier, I could filter out the custom input and manually set the wyze light color. Easy peasy lemon juice.