IFTTT-Powered Wyze Desktop App for Switches & Plugs

I put a window unit in my office and really wanted a desktop app to switch it on and off, so I made this minimal desktop app. It’s powered by IFTTT webhooks and allows you to add/manage all of your bulbs and plugs, anything that’s just a simple on/off. It can add, remove and rearrange devices with drag and drop.

The limitation is that it doesn’t know the current state of a device, so you have to turn a device on first and then turn it off, if you want to make sure it’s off.

Is something like this worth sharing? The Wyze app is easy enough to set up in Bluestacks, same for Google Home. Mainly I’m just disappointed that Wyze doesn’t have a desktop app or web interface yet. This only took 2-3 hours to make.

If there’s any interest I could share this as a windows/mac tray app or as a chrome extension for easy device access, just let me know.


No real suggestion - there are a bunch of threads of us waiting for a desktop or browser solution - but please be careful with air conditioners or anything with a high load; I wouldn’t trust a lot of these little WiFi adapters in those situations.

Oh I didn’t think of that, thanks!

I’d love to test the Wyze app you created! I have about 20 cameras and tons of motion and contact sensors. I’m using webhooks with webcore to turn the cameras into both sound and Motion sensors - pretty handy. Anyway let me know.

I added support for cameras, but it relies on a third-party service called ipcamlive.com (with some real hackery to make it work with their free tier). I’m close to a release now but I’ve been basing it on IFTTT’s webhooks, where you just put in your IFTTT platform code once and enter the name of the action for each item. I should probably open that up to use the full webhook URL so it can work with other services.


Hey, hackery is a way of life for me, don’t sweat it. Your concept seems brilliantly simple, and a screenshot looks great! What you’ve described is way less convoluted then what I’ve done to get only a bit of somewhat similar functionality. I have to dedicate an entire PC to BlueStacks, along with webhooks and webcore and ActionTiles … overwhelming. I don’t know why I didn’t think to do what you are doing, but I’m glad you did. Frankly I don’t know why Wyze hasn’t done it either.

Anyway I’d love to help you test this and will promise you tons of feedback! I spent 16 years at GM doing pretty much nothing but software development, testing and documentation on a variety of in-house departmental and a few global software applications.

I don’t have wyze bulbs yet as I already had about 80 of them from mother manufacturers before Wyze released them. I’ll happily by a couple to help test your app though. I do have a couple of Wyze plugs, but same story with those two. I had already purchased about 30-40 plugs from others before Wyze came out with them. I have lots of Wyze cameras and sensors and bridges though spread over 4 different locations to work with …

Count me in for checking/testing this out as well. I also use BlueStacks on my Surface Go, but it pulls a good deal of system resources making my Surface slow until I exit the app, use the BlueStacks cleaner, and restart my computer.

Subscribing for updates…

Hello, thanks for great information and hack.
I understand you really know software and IFTTT. Using Wyze product after trying several other products, I made video door bell for a 3unit building, keeping current intercom/buzzer and adding internet notification and opening the door (strike) by modifying the Wyze plug.
Question for you, is there a way to use IFTTT to give temporary permission to use the plug. I basically like to give determined /temporary access by URL for plug operation like a determined time period.
I appreciate any feedback and/or direction on this issue.
Thanks, mike

I’m pretty sure this can be done using the ‘Maker’ platform. You can create an applet that allows users to trigger the device using a webhook, then filter the action using javascript to only operate during the hours you specify.

Thanks for quick reply and the guidance. I will check into it and provide updates once successful.
Thx again, mike