Add support for Tasker Integration

Tasker is an incredibly powerful scripting app for Android phones. If Wyze were compatible with it it would open up an endless amount of customized tasks/macros/etc that users could create. Please consider making Tasker Integration work. With the amount of new products Wyze is creating, creating advanced triggers and actions would be a game changer

How do you see this working?

Tasker is an event driven program. Things like Bluetooth connecting, a call coming in, A wifi connection ending, receiving a text message, All of those are events that happen on your phone that initiate a task.

Wyze products are all external things. How would they communicate to Tasker that something has happened on them?

I’ve used Tasker for years… Now, with IFTTT and Join, you can set up some interesting Profiles and Tasks, but “game changer?” I don’t see it.

It would depend on how the integration works. I’m not familiar with Join but right now one trigger happens and causes an action to take place. If there was a way of combining things, it would become more powerful.
If sensor 1 opens, and sensor 2 is closed, send me an alert, turn on the lights, lock the door, and do anything else Tasker can control.

Could also do things with a Tasker Profile like when my phone is within 1 mile of my house, then turn off alerting and things like that. Currently I think you have to do that with a combination of IFTTT and Life360 or something like that?

IFTTT is not reliable. Tasker is. Until Geo-fencing is part of the Wyze app the IFTTT “solution” is not reliable. A WyzeCam tasker plugin would make things easy but there are complicated ways to achieve the result with Tasker right now. It’s just not intuitive for most people and has a steep learning curve.

It may not be reliable in your circumstance but I use IFTTT with Life360 and have had zero issues with it. I use the LIFE360 location with both SmartThings and WYZE with IFTTT being the go-between.

You shouldn’t need life 360 with IFTTT if the IFTTT geofencing was reliable. Life 360 is a good trigger however I find a connection to my Wi-Fi is a better trigger with Tasker and Auto Input. The problem is the learning curve with Tasker and Auto input can turn people off. Geo-Fencing can be finicky. I have used everything from Z-Wave motion sensors to door sensors as triggers and find that a connection to my Wi-Fi is the most reliable trigger for when I am home or away. IFTTT is just not reliable enough for me and until Wyze gives us a better option; Tasker with Auto Input is as close as you can get to manual manipulation of the Wyze app.

I agree with you there, I was just giving you what I use. IFTTT geofencing is less than ideal, I messed around with Tasker once but as you said the learing curve is a bit more and I did not have the time to really figure it all out when I was first setting it up.

I’ve been using Alexa’s location services with good luck.

I have a routine that turns off the lights and lowers the thermostat when I leave the house. It also starts the Chaos 911 skill to sound like a police scanner is running. I have another routine that reverses everything when I get home.

I also have several other routines that run when I arrive at or leave various places. They work well for me.

You might want to try setting up some Alexa location routines and see how they work for you.

I want to be able to use Tasker to turn my Wyze Plugs on and off based on certain conditions. It would also be nice if I could turn cameras on and off based on whatever conditions I choose via Tasker. Tasker integration could also be really handy with a Wyze Sense. Basically, any automation or control available in the Wyze app would be far more versatile if it could be triggered by whatever conditions a user desires, which is pretty much the definition of Tasker.

Also, could use the door contacts or motion sensors to trigger tasker events. IFTTT is not reliable because it takes too long to trigger.

Tasker is by design an event-driven scripting environment. Integrating with Tasker would allow creating scripts that trigger on events originating from the Wyze app. For example, writing to a Google Docs spreadsheet each time the door sensor is triggered or motion detected.
That’s in one direction, but now with smart plugs it’s useful to have integration in the opposite direction. For example, I’m looking right now for a way to have my phone turn off its charger on a Wyze smart plug when the battery reaches 80% (to extend the battery life). I’d love to be able to use Tasker to do that.

Your example of using Tasker to turn off the Wyze plug when the battery reaches a certain threshold is EXACTLY what I would like to do.

It could be done.

Create a Tasker profile that is activated when the battery goes above 80% and the phone is charging.

Have that profile invoke a task that sends a WebHooks request.

In IFTTT, have an Applet that is triggered by the WebHooks request.

Have that Applet trigger a smart socket to turn off.


You could do it now with a Smart Life (Tuya) socket.

The problem right now is that the Smart Life service is leaving IFTTT on May 26th.

There probably are other smart socket services you can use (I looked for TP-Link, but didn’t find one). You would have to buy a smart socket compatible with whatever service you can find on IFTTT.

Turning off a Wyze smart socket is possible.

Creating a task in Tasker to send a properly formatted WebHooks request is not a job for the faint of heart.

I appreciate your suggestion, but if I wanted to use IFTTT I would not be asking for Tasker integration. I want proper Tasker integration so that I can directly command a Wyze plug on or off based on whatever condition I desire. I am asking for Tasker integration for general use more than I am a solution to a specific problem.

Well then you might as well ask Wyze to provide that in their app. That would probably happen just as quickly. :person_shrugging:



If you give permission, ANY third-party app can send commands to Tasker. So tell your favorite developers about it.

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I think “Maybe later” is now here since the latest update makes it “easier than ever” for developers to connect. I recommend watching the entire 2-minute long new video from Tasker about the AWESOME updates you can do with Tasker Now. Imagine us being able to make Power Menu options with Wyze to customize literally ANYTHING we want to have happen all just from the power menu. Wyze should jump on this ASAP now! You’ll have tons of people looking at getting Wyze just for all this new smart device customizability, especially since IFTTT is now charging money, and Tasker can do unlimited things for free and it would take Wyze very little effort now with this latest update.

That video starts where it says ANY APP can send commands to tasker now, but I’d recommend rewinding and watching the whole thing (2 min) to give you ideas.


I’ll run it up the food chain! Thanks for the info. :slight_smile:

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I would love this! An easy thing I was trying to do is turn on a bulb around sunset. IFTTT has a trigger for that, but Doing it via Tasker would allow more flexibility.