Xfinity X7b dual band router with xfi Pods

I have an Xfinity X7b dual band router with xfi Pods creating a mesh network.The x7b does not allow splitting the 2.4 & 5ghz networks and utilizes band steering to connect the devices to the proper band.
Recent Firmware upgrade to the xfinity router has made my cameras useless. Cameras only connect if I go in and reset the camera through the app, they will work for that view, if I try 10 minutes later, they will not connect. Each camera (10 Total) have full signal wifi.
Can I setup a separate 2.4ghz network with Wyze mesh routers to run at same time the Xfinity mesh network is running and connect all my wyze devices (cameras, plugs and sprinkler controller)

Before I upgraded my router, I had a cheap generic WiFi6 router to isolate all my IoT (cameras, etc) devices onto its own subnet. It connected to one of my main router’s network ports. Yes, it’s possible.

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