my wyze cam dosent seems to work on my dual band wifi , i am not a pro but is there any possibilities to have my cam on 2.4 manually and my cellphone on th 5ghz for better performance ?

You only need to connect your phone to the 2.4 ghz wifi network until the camera is set up then you can switch your phone back to the 5ghz wifi.

You may need to separate the 2 networks to ensure that is connects to the 2.4.

how do you separate the network ? my modem is a arris, my wifi only show 1 connection witch i think is using both ghz

Iā€™m surprised that nobody has bought the HowToSetupRouter.com domain and made a wizard interface for the major brands.

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I bought a separate 2nd WiFi router and use it as a 2.5ghz Access Point for all my cameras and IoT devices. TP-Link Archer A7. Reasonably priced on Amazon. Have 40 devices (smart plugs, smart bulbs, cameras, etc.) with no problem at all. Keeps the main WiFi dual band router free for PCs, iPads, streaming, etc.

My router has both 2.4 & 5, when I set it up I gave a different name to each, I.e.- Ken2.4 & Ken5.0
When setting up cameras new I chose Ken2.4
I keep my phones & tablets on Ken5.0

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