Xfinity with PODS

My recently added the Xfinity PODS (mesh) to my system and Xfinity now has the same SSID name for my network, unable to change one or the other, as the PODS will not work. My android version no longer has the WIFI advanced setting to choose the frequency band. I am stuck with 4 WYZE plugs recently purchased for security lighting to activate them. Any work arounds you can think of. I also tried to used my Apple iPad to do the same, Apple Community shows the 5 GHz can not be turned off. Im stuck, appreciate the input.

Well, you could certainly create a separate network with an old normal router to get the initial setup done with the desired SSID on 2.4 only, and then switch over to the new system, but I’d think about dumping the mesh. Other “IoT” devices are going to have similar 2.4Ghz restrictions and who wants to support Comcast anyway? :wink: