Do cams work with xfinity pods?

Do the cameras work with xfinity pods?

Yes, on the 2.5 GHz connection. No, on the 5 GHz connection. But the cameras will connect just fine.

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Yes, but the xfi pods require merging the 2.4 and 5.0 bands from a dual band router into one WiFi name and a single password, which apparently allows the Gateway to decide which band will provide the better connection. They call this “band steering,” and while it had been optional for most users, it looks like it is required for xfi pod users. I am looking at other posts here in the forum and it looks like xfi pods will not allow the Wyze cams to function. I have not tested it, but maybe there is a way to position the cams in the house so that the 2.4 GHZ band is the only one available.

There is a member on here that uses the pods with 2.5 Ghz devices, including Wyze. Perhaps he will jump in and reply for you.

But just common sense says the pods work with both bands as a huge number of devices ONLY support the 2.5 band, not just Wyze.

I installed the xfi pods after a long chat with a Comcast customer service rep, who assured me it would work. I was a little skeptical, but it has been successful so far. First, the xfi app had me merge my two bands, and told me that from now on I would see the 2.4 GHZ SSID and use the password for that band. So I did not rename any connections or change any passwords. I left my Wyze cams plugged in. I had to log back in to other devices, including my laptop, phone and printer, but I did not need to log back in to Wyze, which had always been logged in that 2.4 GHZ band. I’m curious to see what happens if I need to move or restart a camera in the future and the camera needs to search for a wifi connection. So far, so good.

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