WyzeCam v3 Audio Format? Pro Video Editor Workflow?

My goal it to transfer v3 SD card mp4 files to a video Editor such as Premiere Pro CS6 or DaVinci Resolve to quickly scrub the timeline for usable moments.

In Premiere, no audio track is imported.
In DaVinci Resolve, the mono track is overdriven above Zero db and useless.
Both v3 cams have Record Audio ON in Advanced Settings.

VLC Media Player plays the files fine and is a nice way to preview a few files,

Is anyone using 3rd part programs to trim the one-minute files.
For my cell phone mp4 files I have found “LossLess Cut” to be a nice way to trim files without recompression quality loss.
It however doesn’t like the varied frame-rate of WyzeCam files, when trying to import multiple files at once.

Not sure if you are talking strictly on a mobile device but I use Wondershare Filmora on my PC, It has a license fee but reasonable with a fair amount of built in features for easy editing. @spamoni has recommended Handbrake a number of times. an open source utility.

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You can also just use the VLC you already have to transcode it to another app / file.

Have you considered using a third-party program to trim the files? LossLess Cut is a nice option for trimming cell phone mp4 files without losing quality, but it doesn’t seem to work with the varied frame rate of WyzeCam files.One alternative you might want to try is Movavi’s add-subtitles-to-video-online tool (https://www.movavi.com/add-subtitles-to-video-online.html). This tool can help you add subtitles or captions to your video, but it also has a built-in video editor that can help you trim and edit your video files. It’s worth a shot!Hope that helps!

I’d recommend shotcut,OpenShot or VDSC. They’re all fine for that type of task.

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