WyzeCam v2 and v3 randomly disconnects - and will only reconnect if unplugged and plugged back in

Just so we’re clear, I am not disputing that based on the complaints here on the forum. I’ve had my share of cameras dropping of line, but ever since I replaced both my routers at home and at the cottage, I have no disconnection issues, besides the obvious ones that are beyond my control. Crappy ISP at the cottage.

Yes, and the AWS outages.

Agreed. There are volumes of issues with Cam connectivity posted. And, I do believe that it is something that Wyze needs to address to make the cams more resilient on networks that are notorious connectivity problems, either because of the make & model or because of the quality. The problem is that there are thousands of different variables in router make, model, deployment, setup, and internal configuration. I wouldn’t want the task of trying to sort all that out. With more and more users posting about successful improvements in connectivity with network upgrades, it does start to support the idea that network quality is far more important than many users are willing to consider.

Totally agree.

Again, totally agree, however what baffles me over and over is why other IoT devices had no issues with my old network. Nest thermostat was happy as was my Bosch dishwasher and LG washer and dryer. Not to mention my Kasa plugs and bulbs. Also, Wyze should not expect or force consumers to upgrade their networks for sake of using their cameras. That defies the purpose of buying cheaper cameras.

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And that is the part I wouldn’t want to sort out. That is the part the Wyze needs to work on.

I’m not a programmer, so I can’t even venture a guess as to what code in the FW makes them so network selective or what causes networks to kick them to the curb. It may also be hardware related with the antenna or WiFi chip used on the board. It does seem to be more prevalent on specific cam models.

Who knows. It will take someone far more skilled that me to sort all that out. But, it does indicate that Wyze Cams are highly dependant on a very robust network that isn’t constantly juggling device connections between devices to manage bandwidth.

Does Kasa also use AWS?
How about Tuya?

Following this thread I used old Wemo recently, these people noticed it literally within few hours and put also Wemo offline.