WyzeCam Pan v3 manual pointing sluggish and laggy

I have three new WyzeCam Pan v3 cameras, all with the latest firmware. In the past few days I’ve noticed that all of them have become extremely laggy when I try to point the cameras manually. It’s really bad. I get no movement and then all of the sudden the camera as at the stops. All the cameras have good signal.

This is making the cameras basically unusable so I hope someone has a suggestion before I sent them all back.


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How are you measuring “good signal”? Signal Strength and Signal Quality are two completely different things. Both are determined by how well your router is handling the devices.

The only objective tool I have is the signal strength indicator in the Wyze app which shows two bars on all three cameras. Subjectively, based on more than 30 years experience with networking I can say that both the signal strength and signal quality are good. The cameras are connected to two different 2.4GHz networks. One access point is a new Wi-Fi 6 AX3000 device and the other is an older 802.11n device. That camera was initially connected to the AX3000 AP but I switched as a test. Both access points are connected via 1000Base-T to a new commercial router with plenty of performance. One of the cameras is about 25’ from the AX3000 AP.

The lagging isn’t consistent. It comes and goes. It’ll be working fine and then it’ll become sluggish. Different cameras at different times as well.

TBH, I wouldn’t be happy unless I had 3 bars… and then I would still be questioning it closely.

For example, I have a 3 node Mesh setup. My two furthest PanV3 are both displaying two bars. However, the router is reporting an RSSI on these cams at -71 and -70 dBm. A ping test results in an average of 20ms w\ 38ms jitter.

If 2 bars (a range from 33% to 66% effective) is -70dBm, I would absolutely hate to see what 1 bar does!

In contrast, I have a V3 cam that is quite close to these PanV3 and farther from the node closest to them. It has 3 bars with an RSSI of -62 resulting in an average 14ms ping w\ 16ms jitter.

My conclusion… the PanV3 is a WiFi Prima Donna. If it isn’t absolutely the best WiFi, it starts getting belligerent.

If the lagging comes and goes… so is the WiFi signal to the cam.

The two Pan v3 cameras connected to the AX3000 have a RSSI of -56 and -50. Average ping is 5ms for both. The camera connected to the older AP shows an RSSI of -79 which is poor but it was better when it was connected to the AX3000 AP and it still had the same issue.

The two on the AX3000 should be showing 3 bars.

The one at -79 needs a lifeline.

Just made some adjustments and it’s now at -62. Still acting the same.

Really not sure what to make out of these Pan v3 cameras. I’ve also noticed that the camera will move in a different direction than where I command it. I press to move left and it moves down, etc. One of the cameras just dropped offline in the middle of accessing it and now it looks like I need to pull stuff apart to do a power cycle.

Are these cameras just not ready for prime time?

There are mixed reviews. Some love them and have no issues, others not so much. I bought 4 and can’t recommend them at this time. My issues aren’t connectivity related. My issues are with the Tracking function, home position, and detection zones. An outdoor PTZ cannot be ADHD 24\7.

Check out posts tagged cam-pan-v3 and you will see many threads discussing them.

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I have the same. They work ok as a still cam, but pan is useless. Better off with the regular cams.