WyzeCam Outdoor v2 with solar Panel

I can understand that, due to battery limitations - the playback feature is not available for this camera with Base Station.
My outdoor camera is connected to a solar panel - thus, the issue of battery in no longer a concern.
My Base Station has 32GB micro-SD installed.
Why I can’t play back videos as normal with other cameras?

You can view 12 second events from the events page on the app if you get cam plus lite and chose to pay $0.00 as the custom price. The battery powered cams have never had playback like the other cams and you need to take the card out of the base to view if you have the camera set for backup to the base turned on. You can also put a SD card in the cam and do scheduled event recording to the card in the camera. The events are saved in the camera album but you have to tap the download icon to view and the video will be saved to you phone/device photo/media center.

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Thanks for the reply.
It sounds that, I am forced to buy - yet another wyzeCam plus Lite. WHY?

For the good of me - why wyze compromises its good reputation for petty items. As I indicated, with solar panel, the issue of battery drainage becomes mute.

The MicroSD is there to allow users to store their video s locally - for those who prefer NOT pay for subscriptions. Why not just provide the playback feature as it exists with WC3? & let users decide for themselves to use the instant playback or pay subscription or not.

Finally, The fact that every time I wish to review a video - I am “channeled” to the subscription page. Very annoying & undesired feature.

Wyze corporation MUST restore the playback feature for its outdoor cameras - otherwise they may lose loyal customers like me.

Cam Plus Lite is available for non-doorbell cameras released before 2/1/2021. Eligible cams include Wyze Cam v1, v2 and v3, Wyze Cam Pan v1 and v2, and Wyze Cam Outdoor v1. Wyze Cam Outdoor v2 cannot use Cam Plus Lite. Did you mean to type, “Cam Plus”?

No ,I did not. I just don’t understand the whole business of subscribing to a device (Cam Plus) to which I do not have nor plan to purchase.

Just include the “playback” feature - like other cameras, & stop complicating things.

It really does not serve the company’s best interest.

Cam Plus won’t really give you a true SD playback feature either. :face_with_diagonal_mouth:

You’re “preaching to the choir”. We’ve been asking for the same for a long time. “We” are all merely Wyze users on this user-to-user forum. Please vote for and express your dismay and show your interest here in the Wishlist category if you haven’t already done so (this is where Wyze reads your input):

Complete Motion Recording + Playback on Wyze Cam Outdoor SD cards

Wyze Cam Outdoor Continuous Recording

If you think your Solar Panel can keep your camera charged try it out. Go to scheduled recording to an SD card in the cam, set it at Continuous for 1 day I recommend motion only up to 2 minutes duration per video but be my guest. See how well it works.

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After setting the way you had recommended - now, both devices fail to detect the MicroSD card (32GB)
Having 3 other wyzeCams throughout the house - never experienced so much problem as with this one.
I am getting frustrated with this camera. If it continues to fail, I will get rid of it & return it to Amazon & be done with WyzeCam all together. Needless to say, will write harsh reviews on Amazon.

I haven’t done any scheduled recordings in a while but this card has 740 Megabytes on it. They are all motion event videos and there are a lot of them. The base has 17.23 GB from when I was using cam plus lite and backup to the base was on and that is a great deal of 12 second videos.

A CAVEAT: Not sure if others had this problem.
I formatted my 32GB drive to XFat format (as wyze recommended). However, once inserted the MicroSD into the base station - it posted “format” to which I did comply.
The result, it destroyed the sd w/o ability to read or write on it.
NOT recommended formatting XFat. Only FAT or FAT32.

Wyze recommends FAT32 for cards 32GB or less regardless of cam type:


Oh, I know, I learned it the hard way. Thanks

The latest s/w update seems to have solved the issue of recognizing the MicroSD.