Wyzecam - Outdoor installation and help needed


How can i install Wyze cam v2 outdoor where there is no power supply.? On the left side of the house, i installed one in front(near the doorway) and one in back as i had 2 power outlets (camera 1 and 4 are completed).

But for the right side of the house, i don’t have any power outlet outside. I don’t want to hire an electrician to make an outlet and bring wiring there.

Issue is related to placing second and third camera.

  1. Garage has an electrical outlet. Can i just use a extension cord/usb cable and drilla hole and power camera 2 and 3


  1. can i just use a USB cable (50ft long) and daisy chain it from camera 1 and bring it under the eve to camera#2. Even if i do that, how can i power camera# 3 which is diagonally opposite to camera#1 as there are vinyl sidings which are sitting horizontally?


Unless those lights are fake you’ve got power,
I’d put in a plug in adapter in the light near the second camera and run a USB cord from there and daisy chain to the third camera. Make sure you add “drip loops”.