Wyzecam Offline But On, Can't Turn off?

How do i fix this issue? When i go to tab menu and click home, it shows offline even though the camera is on. When i click on it, i can view the live stream. But even if i click more, turn off, it says operation failed.

How do i fix this issue?

Also do i need to update firmware? I click on firmware upgrade and it shows current version NA but i cannot click on anything. How do i even turn off my wyzecam now then since there is no option? Unplug it from the surge protector while its on? Because wouldn’t that be not good idea?

It sounds like your camera isn’t communicating with the Wyze app, although it would be odd if you can still view the live stream. In any case, probably best to power it off by unplugging from the USB power supply, wait 30 seconds, then reconnect power. You could also restart your phone in case the Wyze app is having issues.

You may find that resolves the issue, but if not please post back with what you’re seeing and there may be other things to try.