Wyzecam Camera Time Is Incorrect?

I have three wyzecams. Two of them, im the account holder. One of them i share with others. One of them its only myself and i don’t share. The other camera is someone else’s and they share that one with me.

When i click on home on wyzecam app, i see three different wyzecam cameras. For some reason, the one that is mine… the time is wrong even though when i click on the livestream, well its live. I had this happen last time as well but then eventually the time was correct. The time is like an hour and a half slower showing on it. Is this a glitch or why is it like that?

I clicked on sync time and that didn’t seem to do anything. Again only my wyzecam is like this… the other two wyzecam have correct time.

Also im not sure if this matters or not. But two of my cameras the other ones are in a certain time zone. The one that is mine where i am now is in a different time zone. Does that have anything to do with it. But when i traveled to a different time zone and plugged my wyzecam into outlet and then started using wyzecam app, the time was always correct etc. Its just recently the time is not correct… its like hour and half slower etc.

Do i need to uninstall this wyzecam device and re add it? I don’t want to remove the app and readd the app because if i do that… wouldn’t i lose access to the other two wyzecam cameras?

Again this is only with the wyzecam i use now. The time zone with it… is different than the other two wyzecams.

This whole thread is too ambiguous and confusing, lol. Get specific! What cams are in what time zones, and are they correct or not?

I believe time zone matters, but not sure to what degree, as all my cams are in my house. What I would try is manually changing your phone’s time to the time of the remote cam, and then syncing the remote cam’s time in Advanced Settings.

DO NOT delete the cam if the cam is remote, because that would require you to be where the cam is to press the reset button and show it the QR code to re-add it.

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