Wyzecam v2 - Time in the video off by 30 minutes

I have been using 3 wyzecam V2 in India since July 2018 and ever since I set them up, the time in the live feed is off by 30 minutes. For example, if I am watching a live feed at 6 AM, the time in the video is shown as 05:30. I have tried syncing time using 3 different android phones (Oneplus 3, Xiaomi Mi 5, and Xiaomi Mix 2) and 2 different iPhones (iPhone SE and iPhone 7 Plus) without any success. What’s interesting is that if I am watching an older feed stored in the camera’s SD Card using “View Playback”, the time in the video is still off but the time in slider below the video is correct. I saw one more thread in the forums here about this exact same issue but there was no solution. Can someone help?

Wyze Cam is not supported or sold outside of the US, so I’m afraid you are not going to be able to get any help with this. That is, unless another user knows of a solution.