WyzeCam becoming more & more unusable?

Event recordings are not stored on Wyze’s servers, at least not in anyway that you’re accessing. They’re being stored in Amazon S3, which is where you’re provided access to them from.

However, their servers do have to provide you the links.

Source: MITM data coming to the app.

Your statement means nothing to me without an explanation.

So you are telling me that WYZE has chosen to use not one, but two server providers (WYZE and Amazon S3) to provide seamless viewing of event recordings. Seems to me that just adds more complexity and one more potential failure point to the process.

No that’s not it really. S3 is essentially the storage subsystem of the Wyze servers (which I believe also run in AWS). Saying there are two separate systems or servers is like saying your hard drive is a different device from your CPU. It’s not particularly relevant, especially when you have committed to a “cloud” architecture.

Is it more complex and possibly prone to a failure of one side or the other? Sure, but that’s why they try to make cloud services more resilient. Computing is a crapshoot no matter where it is conducted.

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CIACNMWIIC. An unwieldy acronym but never more true.

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Also of interest:

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Well, I’m speaking from more than 50 years experience with computer systems, beginning with IBM mainframes in the 60s. The more components and complexity in any system, whether they be hardware or software, the more possibility for system failure or degradation. And if my hard drive fails today, calling it a part of my PC will not prevent its failure from stopping me in my computing tracks. I actually believe you and I are more in agreement than not. Yes, “Computing is a crapshoot no matter where it is conducted.”

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Is it possible, maybe counter-intuitively, that cams may stream more fluidly when accessed from a remote location (either cell phone LTE or an external Wifi intranet) than locally (directly connected to the Wifi intranet on which the cams reside)?

if so, why?

IF IN DOUBT REBOOT……. EVERYTHING! I had problems as well, and they have all but gone away. Start buy unplugging everything, cameras, router, and cable/telephone modem. Then restart the modem, don’t move on until it is all booted up and running properly. Then the router, again wait for it to totally booth up. Then start plugging in the cameras.

After I completed this I have had flawless connections. I also now reboot the cameras after I finish viewing.


Well, theoretically, the fact that the stream when local has to depend on the signal quality from the camera AND from the phone/viewer, while when remote only the camera’s connection matters…

An argument could be made.

Thanks for the TinyCam tips. I might play with that for my 4-up display; I assume the default is Auto.

Edit: actually mine was set to “Main” by default. I couldn’t find Stream Profile in the settings for app or specific camera but there it was, sitting off the main menu. Strange that this is a global setting?

I’ll leave it at Sub for a while. The quality is noticably diminished but the frame rate goes from 10 up to 15 fps on each camera, with similar reduction in bandwidth. Unless there is a huge improvement in dropouts over time, I’ll probably go back to Main. Anyway, thanks!

2nd Edit: Hmm, sounds as if Auto should give me better results. I know it didn’t work out for you but I’m going to try.

Hmm, weird, on Auto it seems to be exhibiting the higher def, lower fps behavior it did for Main. (On my regular 4-up display.)

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TOTALLY AGREE… So many errors I am considering other systems. Video frequently NOT uploaded. Need to have someone reboot cameras. Very disappointed. They have branched out too quickly with too many products


Don’t rule out the effect of transmission interference. This comes to center focus for me this time of year…every. single. year. I have lived in my townhome for a number of years, and I suspect one of my neighbors has something (a space heater with a fan blower motor with dirty brushes?) they begin using when the weather turns cold. It creates absolute havoc on my cameras, and everything else I have which uses 2.4GHz. Over several weeks, the interference slowly lessens, until it’s a non-issue after about a month of consistently cold weather.
The only reason I’m aware of the interference, is because when I first moved in, I was using a TV with the old NTSC over-the-air reception, and the the TV would get completely “snowed-out” due to that interference in the fall. I would have been completely oblivious to the interference if not for that, at that time, and would be currently scratching my head over my horrible current camera performance I’m experiencing now.
I suspect that over the years, as we (and our neighbors) add more and more transmitting devices, there are additional “opportunities” for transmission interference.
My 5GHz devices are unaffected by my particular interference issues, so I have moved everything I can to 5GHz, but obviously that isn’t a Wyze cam option currently.


New firmware for the Ve,ptz version 2,and outdoor wifi plug,all updates went smoth

Here is my experience and frustrations

Nothing seems to work. I have played with QoS on the router, replaced the antennas with higher dBi, reduced the number of devices, ignore audio, etc.

Nothing works. It still freezes and often when it starts recording. I get lots of those clips with something / someone moving and stuck for a long time then disappears because of the freeze. Very frustrating.

Wyze needs to look into this for sure.


Hate to tell you but the issue is on your end you eater have a bad camera,or your router is dieing, get another device and try it

The router is new and I even added extender to make sure I get super strong signal.

The freezing / dropping issue appears to be happening for many V3 owners.

Search and you will see.


Well we are a service company and we manage over 87 wyze cameras and I asked our site technicians about your issue, and they said that we have never had that issue,and that it’s not a Wyze issue and that you should have your internet provider do a service call for you,and our technicians said your issue is caused from band with/and or interference…

Cell phone LTE - Strong radio/signal
Cell Tower/system - STRONG radio/signal
ISP system
Router Wifi Good radio/signal
Mesh AP Good radio/signal
- Wyze cam fair radio/signal
- Wifi tablet fair radio/signal
One ‘fair’ radio link for cell LTE remote streaming
Two ‘fair’ radio links for intranet local streaming


My 4-up is on a 7" tablet. Maybe alex is detecting your larger display?

Good get on the link! :+1:

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Bought v3 in July, had been working smoothly until 2-3 weeks ago. Now having the same issues these few weeks - SD card playback always with problems such as showing no SD card record always, could not load videos, freezing always, live view always with delays and freezing all the time, wasting money. Wyze should fix the issues ASAP.


Agree that Wyze needs to do something ASAP.

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