Multi Camera View -- more cameras per grid

You can scroll through them all in live view but only 4 at a time. The same cameras can do a higher density grid in TinyCam.

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what is TinyCam?

An independent Android app that can speak to Wyze cameras using your Wyze credentials. It supports hundreds of other brands too. It’s pretty great.

wow…i love this… thanks for posting it… Really helps!

Yes. This is very much needed for folks who are monitoring their grounds using a tablet or computer. We want the ability to view multi-cam streams on the same screen, instead of having to toggle or swipe over to see rest of the cameras. 4 is way to limited. IF necessary, maybe create a separate Wyze Camera App for multi camera viewing for Wyze Cams. This way, More people would want to switch fully over to Wyze cameras if the able to monitor them all on the same screen. Otherwise, Wyze is too proprietary, and Other apps allow Wyze integration to a mix Camera setup. (ie: Tiny Cam) But Wyze cameras are not that stable on Tiny Cam and go in and out. VERY frustrating.

Multiview Camera’s in one screen

Looking to see if we can get ALL cameras in a group onto one screen.

TinyCam seems much more unreliable than the OEM app. The grid setup in Wyze just doesn’t work for me. I really hope they update this soon.

The tinyCam developer says, as a general rule, only 3-4 Wyze cams at a time will stream fluidly to a single ‘view’. My experience says three-and-a-half.

I haven’t used Wyze’ group functions with more than three cameras at a time since they first developed it, because in the beginning, with three, it was most stable.

Recently dumped a bunch into a group and it’s much more stable now, though only 3 (in portrait) or 4 (in landscape) are ever actively displayed and streaming at a time. :slight_smile:

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More cameras on the interfact

Other than downloading a secondary app, I wish Wyze could have a bigger grid for live cameras. Right now, it is only a 2x2 grid. It would be helpful having a 3x3 or 4x4 grid while not using cam monitor pro.

Well, that’s sucks! Is this a limitation from the Wyze side? Hence why they only show four cameras in a group on the Wyze app? Tiny cam is so unstable with Wyze, and I really want to view more than 4 on a single grid.

UPDATE: Based on one of your other replies in another thread, I also found that changing to Stream profile to “Sub” (best) or “Auto” (better) seems to help tiny cams multi-streaming a lot. Thanks! I have 9 cams streaming much smoother now. I do still notice some delays occasionally, however. You are also sacrificing the HD streams, as you mentioned in the other thread.

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It’s so unstable in Tiny Cam for me. The streams drop constantly. I have many cameras, though, around 12.

true, same here. They constantly disconnect.

Just coming back to say Tinycam is far more unstable than wyze app. I really wished Wyze would look into this.

Not for me. TinyCam is rock solid. I have about 8 cameras, mostly but not entirely Wyze.

Multiple cameras (more than 4)

I need to see more than 4 cameras at the same time (such as a group). Look at how TinyCam did it - but even a simpler approach, say 6 or 8 cameras would be a big help.

Yeah, if there were entirely Wyze you likely would be seeing the same issues. It seems using more than 4 Wyze Cams is when issues happen.

Have you tried Live stream - Wyze? I have streamed more than 9 cameras at one time without issue.

Just curious what options you have looked into.

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I totally forgot about the web view

I tried it out on my phone but it looks like I can’t view multiple cameras at the same time . Is web view best suited for a computer/laptop ?!

Probably, it is a browser based app, so on computers or tablets would be best. Have not tried it on my phone.

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Not aware of stream Wyze - thanks - I will look into it.