Wyzecam 2.0 app problem

Ever since I updated the wyzecam app v2 (even with the latest version 2.1.27) on my Android phone, I’ve had issues with the old app freezing on my Android tablet. I have the latest firmware too on the wyzecam v1. The old wyze app on my tablet automatically closed out of a live stream on my tablet when I get a push alert notification on my phone. Even without a push notification, it says refresh list failed on my tablet and closed out the live stream on my tablet after only a few minutes.

Before app v2, I had none of these issues. I submitted logs and a ticket and they said I should update to the new app on my other device. However, when I tried to update to the new app on the tablet it says I cannot install it because it is no longer compatible.

They also said “When you use the same account on two devices it kicks other device off. There can be only one primary device at a time.”

I’ve always used the wyzecam app on several devices before v2 and I didn’t have any major issues with it kicking me out of the second device. I don’t see why they would make it an issue on the new app.

Can anyone fix this with the next update? I would like to use the latest app on my phone if possible but I can’t because it messes up my tablet app. Also, why would they make the tablet incompatible when it used to be compatible?

can I ask what tablet/OS version you are running ( how old it is.) sometimes an app wont update if ( and it usually happens on older technology) the computer system - tablet, phones, the OS and thus hardware is so old it wont be able to keep up with the demands of the updated app. there are multiple people, moderators included running the app across multiple devices simultaneously without issue ( a lot of husband wife uses) I’m thinking hardware might be the overall issue you are having.

I have a Samsung Galaxy Pro 8.4 that runs Android 4.4 I think. I can understand that’s probably why it cannot be updated to the wyzecam app 2.0. I don’t understand how installing the wyzecam app 2.0 on my phone breaks the old app on my tablet though.

@WyzeGwendolyn, @CaptainMark, @WyzeTao I updated to the latest wyzecam app V2.1.31 and I still have the issue. Each time I get a notification alert on my phone, it kicks me out of the live feed on my tablet with the old app. Is there a way someone can look into this bug? I’d like to turn on notifications on my phone all the time and use the new app if possible… Currently, I have to turn off notifications at night or else it will kick me out of the live feed at night on my tablet. I’ve submitted some logs before but I don’t know how that helps since there is no way to update my tablet with the new app.

That’s a weird one… Have you spoken to our support people about this since the most recent update? If not, I’d recommend filling out this form:


We may need logs to look into this for you.


Yeah I’ve been emailing wyzecam support for a long time now but it didn’t really get escalated anywhere until today. I brought it up again in this thread because I didn’t seem to be getting anywhere since January. However, I submitted logs again today and Tanvi from support submitted it to the developer team. Hopefully, they will have determine if it can be fixed or not.

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Thanks for the update! I’m happy to hear that it has been escalated and we apologize for the prior frustration.

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@WyzeGwendolyn thanks for trying to help! I have this other issue as well but I don’t know if anyone else has experienced it… So I don’t know if I should put in a separate ticket for it.

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@cheaplikefox… I answered in the topic you referenced.


You’re welcome! And I agree with Loki about sending in a ticket to support about this other issue.

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I’m getting the refresh list failed error again in my old tablet after updating to the latest app 2.3.16. I’m going to try and turn on hardware decoder to see if that does anything.

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Please let me know how it goes! Either way, please also send in a log after running into this issue so we can look into it.

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@WyzeGwendolyn the hardware decoder didn’t do anything… I’ll have to send a log file and report the problem again.

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Well, darn. I’m sorry that didn’t help. Thank you for the log file. :frowning:

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