Wyzeband return

Are Wyze scammers? I ordered a Wyzeband on March 26th. Their site stated they would be shipped after 7th April. Mine arrived FINALLY on April 20th.

I spent that very same afternoon trying to set it up to work with Amazon to no avail, despite spending at least an hour on the phone with customer support. Towards the end of the phone call I requested to be able to return the band, only to be told it was outside of the thirty day return time period.

What?? How?? I received it that freaking day!! How can it be outside of the 30 day return? Apparently because I ordered it on March 26th and April 20th is outside the 30 day return even though they shipped just a fee days prior to the 20th!!

Hahahahahahahhahahah… This is just too funny.

A couple of days later I emailed customer support about it and got a reply a few days later that stated if it is inside the 30 day period I can get a free return RMA. I emailed them back stating that it is inside the 30 days and am now STILL waiting for my RMA.

I know there’s stuff going on in the world right now but it has quickly become an excuse to provide disgustingly bad customer service.

I WANT MY RMA!!! NOW!!.. Thieves…

Sorry I can’t assist you … though curious …
What was the origin of shipment? Somewhere in the US?

Hello @amcrestview245 and welcome to the community.

I am sorry you have had this less than desirable experience with WYZE support. If you can get me your support ticket number I can certainly push this up the ladder on Monday as it sounds like you definitely contacted them in a timely manner.



Yes, the USA.

Thank you, I will see what I can do

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Appreciate it, Mr Jason :smile_cat:

I have opened RMA tickets twice for Wyze band, still no response on either. I’m so bummed.

@amcrestview245, I checked on your ticket and it looks like your RMA was sent to you yesterday. We apologize for the delay and thank you for your patience.

@wandajo, would you like to give me your support ticket number?

Ticket 567562

Where was the RMA sent? I did not get an email.

I had responded to both you and another person in the thread. I sent you a reply to your ticket and asked the team to pay attention to it tomorrow for you. :slight_smile:

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Thanks a million!

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