Wyze Band Order whereabouts unknown... still waiting over a week!

Hey everyone!! Has anyone received their Wyze Band since they became available on 6/9/2020?? I placed an order on the 10th and I have yet to receive any updates except that it’s in processing!!

My order# is 002793825.

I’m including @WyzeGwendolyn on this as well, I’ve read that she has been helpful in this area!!
Thanks in advance @WyzeGwendolyn for your help in this matter!!

I should suggest holding off on that new product launch next week though… :thinking: :thinking:

Have a great day!!

Janii M. Fahnbulleh

Hi @janiif, Welcome to the Wyze community! It is true that Gwendolyn can assist you. However, you can also call the Wyze Customer Service number and they will help you as well. :slightly_smiling_face:

1 (206) 339-9646

Available Monday - Friday 5 am - 6 pm PT and Saturday 8 am - 4 pm PT

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They absolutely need to ditch fedex and use USPS Flat Rate services. Seems pretty silly to send it to FEDEX who just delivers it to USPS to finish the shipping anyways tacking on 2-3 more days on top of FEDEX being notoriously slow with shipping services Wyze is using with them.

USPS Flat Rate would save them a few bucks, customers would get it MUCH faster in return would be all around better experience with Wyze and its Customers. Period.

I live 5 hours away from they city Wyze is shipping from, however using FedEx Dumbpost it takes 9-15 days to reach me… I don’t understand how they have not addressed something this easy to fix, take the burden off everyone complaining how long it is taking, FedEx is known to stop scanning your packages so you have no idea where they are at or if they are still moving on time. My delivery date says the 19th (ordered on the 11th), I know for a fact I will not get it on the 19th, it will be given to USPS and I will wait another 2-4 more days on top of the 9-15 days to get it.

Wyze, it is time to ditch FedEx! Why use such a slow middle man, when the flat rate prices are on par and shipping times are cut back to 2-4 days.

Thanks for the tag! That looks like a lost order to me. It’s possible that it will pop up again but I replaced it for you to be on the safe side. Your replacement order number is 002860743. :slight_smile:

@cuddybuilt, I’ll share your feedback with the team. Though I’ve heard that feedback about all of the main carriers. My guess is that there are some regional differences. :man_shrugging:


Thank you, maybe just add the extra shipping providers, then its on the buyer to pick between the carriers. 8++ days for somewhere 5 hours away is insane. So I can only imagine across states.


I’ll make sure the team hears your suggestion. :slight_smile:


Thanks Gwendolyn!! I really appreciate it!!

I agree with @cuddybuilt that we should be given more shipping options not just SmartPost. It’s extremely frustrating dealing with the multiple carrier delivery option. In my AREA, USPS has its issues delivering to us. Sometimes up to two days later we are still waiting for things to be delivered.

Anyway, I hope they make some changes. SmartPost can’t be the only option.


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For example, had I known that another shipment was going to be sent out, I would have gladly paid for expedited shipping!! Looks like it’s due to arrive a week from now on the 25th. In total that’s 15 days. When I order stuff, I have to have it now!! Next day, same day, 2 days-maybe, but I don’t like waiting LOL!!

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FWIW , my experience with Smartpost has been that at the handoff point, things get lost. That sometimes results in a delay and sometimes you never see the package. (Not referencing Wyze here but just the Smartpost process)
But, as @WyzeGwendolyn said, they all have issues.

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All have issues, but smartpost is the absolute worst possible option. I knew exactly what was going to happen today (today was my estimated delivery date) it barley reached Sacramento (driving 2 hours past my city) Now my estimated date has raised to another day, and they will now hand it over to USPS.

Lets think about that, After Wyze shipped this product with FedEx Dumbpost, it took them 10 days to get the package 5 hours away, going past their 5 depots in and around my city, 2 hours into Sacramento, just to hand it to USPS who will then take 2-3 more days to get it to me.

You will know everytime i order something from your website, as I will complain about FedEx each time :smiley: :smiley: :rofl: :joy: :rofl:

Newest FedEx update: Shipment information sent to U.S. Postal Service

Thanks everyone for your help and input!! My package was sent out and I should receive it tomorrow (if it’s early) or by Wednesday at the latest.

Have a great day!!

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Sorry for the delays, cuddybuilt! I understand your frustration.

@janiif, I’m glad we were able to get this sorted out for you! :slight_smile:

Thanks again for your help!!