Wyze Wifi and PC Ethernet

I use OBS Studio. When I changed the computer from WiFi connection to Ethernet connection the OBS Studio Monitor went black. Then I got to thinking the V2 cam is WiFi dependent and the HP Workstation running OBS studio is Internet Ethernet dependent.

I can open the streaming rtsp Wyze camera using Iphone, using BlueStakcs.
This is the edited RTSP: rtsp://meherbaba:jai@

In app OBS Studio / advanced the Ethernet IP shows as: [Ethernet]
This is the static IP address for the computer. The HP workstation is a wired network.

To further test the RTSP the next step was to run a stream using VLC. I would get this error:
“VLC could not connect to “”. Your input can’t be opened. VLC is unable to open the MRL ‘rtsp://meherbaba:jaibaba7@’. Check the log for details.”

Thus Iphone and BlueStack opens the ‘Room’ Wzye V2 WiFI Cam whereas VLC and OBS Studio are unable to stream the camera as VLC and OBS are possibly Ethernet dependent.

The V2 cam is viewable through any WiFI device however I am using at the computer an Ethernet wired connection. Thus I think there is a conflict of IP addresses…

How can I fix this? Let me know. Thanks!

On another computer that is WiFi connected I was able to stream using Wyse Cam V2 ‘Room’ using VLC.
How can I stream using the RTSP WiFi Cam V2 ip string through the Ethernet IP connection?
Or is it that I need to in order to stream through OBS (YouTube Stream) to disconnect Ethernet and then setup the Wifi? The reason I use Ethernet is the Internet speed. If I go WiFi there will be line speed issues.

Do you have different IP settings for wired vs. ethernet? For example: Wired 192.168.1.x, wifi 192.168.2.x? You may have some firewall configuration blocking access between the two.

You’ve got it wrong. The 173 address is your public Comcast IP address. Of course you can’t reach any of your private 192 addresses that way. Put your workstation behind the NAT router.

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