Wyze Webview Beta Now Available! - 11/23/21

Odd, i can get mine to show on my FS 4K Max by saying the same thing I do on my Echo Show 8 - ‘Alexa show me (name of camera)

So are you having an issue with the beta webview, the topic of this thread? Using the fire stick to view the webview maybe,m

Why can’t I get this to work? I have two Wyze Cam V3s with updated firmware, and Cam Plus on both of them, but the live view page just shows black screens for both of them. They work fine in the app.

Tried both Safari and Firefox most current versions on Mac OS 10.14.6

Any ideas?

Try using the Chrome browser with all ad blockers turned off if you are using a Mac while on Live View. This seems to be the way around the issue with a black screen showing in the other browsers. For some reason they don’t seem to work.

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Hey Thanks! Yeah, Chrome works - wonder what’s up with Safari and Firefox?

Not working for me yet (notice I said “yet” I am the eternal software optimist!) I get

You don’t have any Wyze Cams paired with your account. Please add a Wyze Cam through the Wyze app to get started

I signed up yesterday and successfully added a Cam Pan V2 through the app last night.

This had been working for me until this morning. Now all I get is a message that says:
“You don’t have any Wyze Cams paired with your account. Please add a Wyze Cam through the Wyze app to get started”

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Same here.

I just purchased Cam+ specifically because I wanted this feature and when I opened the website it just says no cameras paired with this account, which is weird because I do see the cameras on my phone fine.

To clarify I have a v2.

The Beta website is down ATM. We haven’t heard a time to be restored yet.


Wyze Web View should be back up. :slight_smile:

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Works now.

I love it. Keep up the good work WYZE this is an excellent feature!

Mine, also, had been working on Chrome, but I was getting the “No cameras…” message this morning.
All 5 of my cameras are active and working on the Android app, all with Cam+.
Has something been changed?

So when will Web View work with Outdoor, battery powered cameras? I understand from previous forum messages that it’s available for all other cameras. All 3 of my cameras are in the Cam Plus program.

I don’t think I would look for that anytime soon. I suspect they are trying to dodge the major support headaches that would bring upon them. Battery-powered cameras are really meant to sleep until something approaches them, not live stream.

Solar panel power would keep the Outdoor camera’s waterproof seal intact, but is not enough power to live stream. The outdoor power adapter would eliminate the waterproof seal on the camera, and thus is not recommended.

The best option might be to rotate a powered V3 to that position, and rotate the battery-powered camera to a position you don’t need to live stream but still want covered with alerts.

Thanks for the explanation. My cameras are hooked up to solar panels, but I wasn’t thinking they wouldn’t power live streaming for very long. I don’t live stream from them for more than a minute or two at a time and never run the batteries down, so I would probably be able to use the Web View in my situation. I would just like to access all 3 cameras on one screen for a short time instead of having to bring up one at a time. I think you should offer this and let the users decide if it will work for them, with a disclaimer saying prolonged use will run the battery down quickly if left on. Thanks.

I am not employed by Wyze, I am just a fellow user like yourself. :slight_smile:

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I thought maybe they monitored the forum. Can my messages with you be forwarded to whomever needs to hear our conversation?

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This is the thread that they should be monitoring for feedback on Beta Web View. :slight_smile:

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Just occasionally, it would be nice if a developer or someone posted so we know something is going on. It happened once, but was bad news mostly.

OK. I thought they should have someone eavesdropping on our conversations. Thanks for your help. :grinning: