Wyze Web View - Picture In Picture

Found this cool little nugget playing with the Wyze Web Viewer Service today.

While one of the purposes of the web view is that you can see you cameras/Events on your desktop via a web browser.

The Picture in Picture utility in Chrome and Edge allow you to do a Picture in Picture View as well.

If you log into the Wyze Web View (Guess I will call it WWV now and see if it sticks :wink: )
Launch a view of one of your cameras, once loaded RIGHT CLICK on the Frame and Select Picture in Picture

It will then Show that camera at the bottom Right of the Page

You can then Launch another Camera in Full Screen and see both at once.

So while you may have a ton of cameras like myself and others but only want to focus on two this is a great way to do it. This also works with Events as well.
There you go Picture in Picture,


This is a great find. I did not even think about the right click and seeing what is available.

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Dude, the Picture in Picture is VERY COOL. I just start the P-In-P in one tab, and then I can go to any other tab, including back to the forums here and resize it and move it anywhere I want without having to keep that webviewer tab (actively showing) anymore! I can even load it on it’s own screen or it’s own corner of a screen or whatever! Anywhere. This is nice man! Real nice!


I am going to use this to watch my babycam while I do other stuff and no longer need it to take up a whole screen or something. I can easily shrink it into a little corner and still monitor everything during naptime while I work (or watch the front door while I’m expecting someone). Thanks for sharing! This is really great!


Chrome says there is a Keyboard shortcut, ALT+ P (Windows) and ⌥ + P on macOS but it hasn’t worked for me. Oh Wait… that is for a Plugin.

Chrome Plugin for PIP

More on PIP for MS Edge

I use a Chromebook primarily. I will try the plug-in and see what it does. :slight_smile: