Wyze Web View intended use?

What is the intended use for Wyze View? I thought one of its main uses would be to have a PC display a screen view of your cameras that you could view through the day without having to get your phone out.

It is not usable for that because you need to log back in almost every time you want to view the cameras. There is no accommodation for staying logged in and request to allow it to are ignored.

Then there is the issue of the captcha page coming up randomly requesting I pick all the stairs, car, bicycles etc. This is frustrating to say the least when you hear something out front and want to check the screen to see what is going on. Add to that the fact that bots are better at solving captchas than humans and you begin to wonder what the heck this company is trying to do.

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Suppose its one of their attempts at trying to soothe or quite agitated people such as like RTSP which utterly failed. If they actually don’t throw web view into the trash as well I’ve no idea.

If you happen to have Windows 11 and a computer that meets the requirements then you can just use the app directly and unofficially after sideloading it to Windows 11’s Android stuff. It might actually work out best for them to just make that official instead as that would be better than the current state of things with little effort.

If you happen to have a free HDMI port on the back of the computer monitor or a 2nd monitor, you could just plug in a TV stick that has it (in some way such as using the Wyze Alexa plugin with Fire Sticks for example) and switch to that port as an alternative. Some computer monitors may have PiP as well.

I run Linux, so can not use the app directly as far as I know. I will look into that, though.

I am at a loss to understand why they do not just allow a computer to be designated as a trusted device and stay logged in?

It seems there are more and more workarounds to deal with the failed services that Wyze provides for their cameras.

Thanks for the input.

I agree. Wyze Web View is all but useless for me. I need to monitor 6 cameras throughout the day on a second screen on my PC. Web View constantly will freeze random cameras, then the page will auto-refresh periodically, necessitating logging in again. Not ready for prime time.

They also fail as security cameras. My cameras notify and record events constantly that are shadows on the wall or a bug on the screen telling me it is a vehicle, then fail to record or announce when my wife drives up the driveway if full view of the camera gets out and walks into the house. No notification and no recording. The neighbour had a home inspection done, the inspector walked the length of the house in full view of the camera, and it did not record or notify. Yet they record shadows?

A security system that works intermittently is worse than no system, as you think you are protected, but you are not.

I regard them just as a camera I can use to look out front or back of my house. Not security!