Wyze Web Portal View - Pink Screen

I reported this issue and I am waiting to hear back but wanted to post it in case others are having the same issue since the new web portal launched. We have two cameras operating (Cam V2 is the one experiencing issues) and two CPU’s with monitors to watch the live feed from. One monitor is operating on Windows 11 and the other monitor is operating on Windows 10 Pro. We are experiencing no issues using Chrome on the Windows 11 monitor but we are experiencing a pink camera view on the monitor operating Windows 10 Pro.

Trouble shooting done via chat and no luck. Waiting to hear back from the experts about this issue.

I have the same issue. Pink camera on web live. Opened a support issue and I don’t think support took it serious.

Chrome 120v shows pink screens. Chrome 113v is fine. So something with recent chrome updates is interpreting something different with the streams perhaps.

Thanks Denis, you are for sure on to something. We reported this issue to Chrome with screen shots and are now live streaming through Firefox until the issue resolves. Just glad it’s not a camera thing!

With viewing from Mozilla it appears the live view pauses when the screen is maximized which is annoying. Are you also experiencing this?