Wyze Watch Swipe Animations/Lag

I would really like for screen animations like when your swiping. In addition the lag really needs to be fixed. The watch would literally be perfect if this is was fixed. Please polish the UI interface and work on the software.

THIS. Animations are an absolute must, the solid swipes just make it look cheap. (it is cheap but you know what I mean. Has to be fixed in next update.

Exactly. I mean for the price I don’t expect anything spectacular. But this just should be standard in smart watches. I wouldn’t care if it knocked the battery life down to say 5 days or something. The animations are more important. However, that being said we did all get pre order units. So the retail models are bound to be better (I hope). Either that or it gets fixed in an upcoming update. I think the watch would be literally perfect if they could add a speaker and mic (even if it increases the price) , and just polish the UI/ software. I mean most of it’s apparent issues are software based. They’ve gotten this far all they need is to finish the job.

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It’s a 20 dollars watch, probably maxed out of specs right out of the box. I would have paid 50 for something more polished and future proof and leave the 20 dollar range for the Wyze band.
The aluminum case looks amazing nice finish. The guts of the watch worry me. But Wyze has been full of surprises, let’s see what can be done and software is optimized

I’m sure they can optimize it enough for simple animations. Honestly for watch V2 i’ll pay $100 for a wear OS watch that lets us install apps on it. I get they want to things cheap but for some things they need to not be scared to bump up the pice. I’m thinking about buying it but for my little sister, it defenitley isn’t replacing my samsung watch.

Yeah same here. I think it would have been smarter to make a watch that’s nicer that costs say $40 or $50 rather than one that’s hanging by a thread that costs a mere $20. Everyone knows that wyze makes nice products that are cheap, it’s not like they need to prove some kind of a point. Even if the watch was $40 with a mic, speaker, etc they would still be ahead of the competition (other than Apple).

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Exactly. We get the point, you’re allowed to make something in the $40 to $60 range if it actually makes the product better and somewhat useful, this product from the way I see it seems quiet useless for most people.

But I’m most concerned with the lag. That screen is speced out… it shouldn’t be lagging.

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But seriously. It’s like wyze got half way with the UI/Software and said, eh… good enough. Hopefully this is still a step in the right direction. I mean these are pre order units not even retail. Plus look at wyze cam it’s on v3. I’m hopeful.