Wyze watch cannot be shipped with other products

I logged in to do some Christmas shopping tonight and immediately saw advertisements for the new watch. I’ve been a fit bit user for a couple years and it’s started falling apart so I was thrilled to see a new Wyze product that fit the bill. So I ordered some headphones and outdoor cameras which got me the Xmas free shipping. I added two watches and went to check out and was told “Wyze watch cannot be shipped with other products” and couldn’t go any farther. Had to remove the two watches from my shopping cart to finish placing my order.

I’m kinda bummed that I couldn’t use my multiple item order to add the free shipping for the watches. I understand they won’t ship till February but if I pay for them now I don’t see why I can’t get the holiday shipping deal. I feel that your preorder page should specify that the watches are ineligible for the shipping with any other items.

Unfortunately all preorder items arent able to ship with other items. The only way to maybe get the free shipping is if you bought 5 watches.


I was able to add a watch and a cam and it seemed to let me go ahead (didn’t order in the end). I think there is an issue with multiple watches. Try taking one out and see if that works. Of course that doesn’t help you with the free shipping.

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I had the same issue when using my phone to try and pre-order. I had to order via the desktop site and I was able to add both sized watches to my cart and order.

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Thanks for all the replies