Wyze Watch (Android) work profile notifications?

Only trying it on Android, but are work profile application notifications supposed to show up in the ‘other apps’ list on Android? According to this thread:

User seems to say that they are getting both work and personal profiles, but in my case I do not – I only see personal profile apps.

Garmin Connect can see both, so my Garmin smartwatch can do notifications from Outlook/Teams, etc. in my work profile, but they aren’t showing up for me in the Wyze app on Android.

FYI, if it matters, Android 10 (LineageOS) on a OnePlus 6T, 47mm Wyze watch.

I find that only apps Wyze recognizes display on the watch as that app (ie, Gmail, SMS, Facebook, etc). Anything else like Garmin Connect, Marco Polo, or even Venmo show up as “Other Apps”.

I haven’t been able to figure out the work profile yet. I have a feeling the Watch can’t differentiate between GMAIL personal and GMAIL work. On my phone there are two apps but Wyze just sees it as one. Perhaps a future software update will fix this.