Wyze Watch Notifications for other Google Device Policy profiles (work profile)

Because my workplace requires the Google Device Policy, my email and calendar notifications come from separate instances of those apps. I can only select the primary versions of those apps, however, and not the alternative profile’s. Please allow us to select the alternative version of the apps in addition to the primary version when selecting what apps notifications come from.

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Note: Wyze Watch 47 - Work profile on Android indicates that all email and calendar notifications come in the same way, when ideally, one could turn off work notifications while keeping personal notifications going. So let’s revise this so that the Wyze app recognizes the difference between the profiles.

Thank you. I also noticed this too, and none of my work profile apps show in the notification app list.

I know it’s possible too – my Garmin does it. I’ll have to continue wearing the Garmin until this is addressed.

The Wyze app doesn’t differentiate between work profile and regular profile apps, so if you enable Google Drive notifications for your personal account, you’ll get Drive notifications for your work account, too. Still, it’d be nice to be able to enable/disable one at a time.

How about notifications from Android (and Apple) work profile applications? Right now when I go to to ‘other applications’ in Notifications there’s no apps from my work profile.

My Garmin does it, so I know it’s possible.

WORK app like Outlook & TEAMs notification should be available in Wyze Smartwatch