Select phone/tablet(s) to receive notifications for each Wyze device

If you have multiple device such as iPhone, iPad and both account is same person and install the Wyze App. Then Wyze app shows device list under the account and select the all or specific device to receive notification.

You can also do this on the phone or tablet level by revoking notification permissions for the Wyze app on a device you don’t want receiving them. :slight_smile:

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The current Wyze app problem was I have iPhone originally connect to cam and received notification and iPad added later and start receive notification then iPhone app no longer receive notification regardless iPad app removed(log out) or not.(I opened for support case for this.)

So I wonder how Wyze cam notification works. Doesn’t notification goes through Wyze server?
I think when cam capture the video → send notification to Wyze server → server has device list and send out notification → your device received notification and when you open the app then connect to cam video stored on local storage. (Because I was able to received notification via my cell phone without wifi.)
Since app log in with single account, notification setting does not bound to account that log in?
So if I changed iPad notification then it does not change iPhone notification behavior?

It seems to me current app log in account bound to last account log in device is first and it does not reset some reason.(as Wyze support said it should send out both devices but it does not. Only last loged in device received notification. And regardless reset cam, app and reboot, log out and log in, reboot iPhone etc… All failed to reset the notification send to iPhone again.)

I don’t think Wyze cam has device list that send out notification. Wyze server does.
far as I know all cam has notification or cloud service bound to server.

Unless App’s account notification setting show which device I want to select to remove receive the notification, You might ended up doing Russian roulette.

I’m not so sure. I may not be understanding what this poster is asking for, but (s)he seems to be asking to have independent notifications per device, not per account.

In the case of Android (I imagine it works the same for iOS), I have Wyze app on a tablet and phone - tied to same email account. If I disable notifications on tablet, they are automatically disabled on the phone, and vice versa. So when I’m sitting at home, if I get a notification on the phone, it also comes through on the tablet - I can’t disable one without disabling the other.

Correct me if I’m mistaken…

The Wyze cloud will send notifications to all devices logged in recently (I THINK the cutoff is 7 days but I’m not certain about this). There isn’t a way to select individual devices so that’s why this request is marked as “maybe later.” A workaround would be disabling your notifications on the device level (in your phone or tablet’s notification settings) if you don’t want to receive notifications on that device.

It sounds to me like you might be running into a bug so I’m going to check with the product team on these and make sure that my understanding is correct.

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