Wyze Watch 47 - Work profile on Android

I got the new Wyze Watch 47 last week and noticed one thing right off the bat (once I got notifications working). The new watch appears to look at both “work” and “personal” profiles on my Android phone. The Wyze band didn’t have the ability to see the work profile data. What we need here, and what I can’t find, is an option to only look at GMAIL (for example), on the personal profile and not the work one (or vice versa).

Anybody figure this out? I’m wondering if these dual profiles are the reason for two WyzeBeta apps within special notification access? Just a thought.

If you turn on notifications for Gmail, the Wyze app will show all gmail notifications. I don’t think it’s looking at profiles, it’s just mirroring notifications for that app u choose.

OK, perhaps this is a #wishlist item then. I would like the Wyze watch to only show notification from the personal GMAIL profile and NOT the work profile.

Not sure if this is particularly helpful workaround to your situation, but I specifically turned off work notifications for all email except a specific label from my work profile.

  1. From the menu, go to Settings, then “Inbox notifications.”
  2. Uncheck “Label notifications.” Then go back.
  3. Go to “Manage labels”
  4. Click on a label that you want to get notifications about, and check that “Label notifications” check box.

Namely, I have all the emails that come from people higher up in my reporting chain go to a label called “Boss” and I only get notified about those emails.

The only issue here is if you want phone notifications about work email, then you’re likely stuck still having them go to the Wyze Watch.

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Super cool idea. The only issue here is that with an Android work profile I literally have two icons for GMAIL (and Drive, Meet, etc). Wyze just sees them both as GMAIL so if I turn on one, I get the other as well. So while turning on and off notifications for specific labels is brilliant, I don’t think it solves the profile issue. Perhaps Wyze can take a look at this at some point down the road. Not a high priority item I’m sure.

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Yep–I filed Wyze Watch Notifications for other Google Device Policy profiles (work profile) - #2 by thepeopleseason before I read this thread indicating that all notifications for different profiles are treated the same.