Wyze Watch and background app

First let me say that im fairly impressed with the watch. For 20-30 bucks this is a pretty solid watch. It does everything I want a smart watch to do and a little more. The only issue im having is that the Wyze app has to be running in the background at all times to receive notifications from my phone. Well I noticed it’s killing my phone battery. I have a Google Pixel 3 and it tells me that in the short 6 hours I had my watch up and running that it ate roughly 20% of my battery. I could be wrong, but I dont remember my Asus watch draining power like that. Is there something I need to adjust or is this just going to be a normal thing with this watch?

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I haven’t noticed the battery drain on my end (Android or iOS), but I haven’t been able to get background notifications to work at all. No matter the battery optimization settings or any other magic combo it just doesn’t work. I ran a factory reset as well. I will wait for the firmware update to apply and start from scratch again. To your point on another watch, I agree, I do not see that on my Samsung Active gen 1 at all.

Inconvenient, but at the price point I am willing to put in the effort for the value.

I have an iPhone 7 and haven’t notice too much excess battery drain. As for alerts I turned on a whole slew of app alerts but none of them work. I turned on the “Other Application” option on and I am getting many alerts now. Every one I get is either from the Other apps category or from Wyze.

Actually I lied. All alerts even Wyze are coming through as “Other”