Wyze Watch 47 Initial Thoughts

I have not gotten far with my Wyze watch for 2 reasons which for me are pretty much show stoppers (for me).

  1. The watch does not register with my phone as a bluetooth device. This means I cannot use smart unlock to pair to my phone to remove passwords while I’m near by.

  2. The wyze app (while running in background) took down my battery like a prize fighter working over a retiree. The battery drain was TOO much and I uninstalled the Watch from the app which turned off the background running. The amount of drain was just too much, if it can’t be cleaned up by at least 10x I have no interest in continuing.

My thoughts:

  1. I like the size of the watch, but time is all that I have found useful.
  2. The watch pops up a logo screen and vibrates randomly.
  3. It will not show text notifications.
  4. Has no Alexa capability that the band has.
  5. And the face on the watch has a small scratch in the corner.

I’ve gone back to just using the Wyze Band.