Wyze Watch add Stopwatch

I would love to see a stopwatch to go along with the timer feature. Thanks

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This really would be a great feature! Probably my most used functionality on my old digital watch


The Wyze Watch has a stopwatch. Tap on the icon of the runner. In addition to being a stopwatch, it records your steps, calories, and average heart rate. It’s very nice.

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I saw that but I was looking for one that does intervals - lap-times - but thanks for the heads up.


Would like to have stopwatch functionality. Please consider ability to allow to continue running and still switch to other screens and screen to blank until woken up, or stay active until wrist action allows screen to blank.

Just received my first Watch47 and like the basic features. I must say I am a little disappointed that certain simple things are not available. Here is my short-term update list that I think are critical basics:

  1. Clock face that has the ability to display time with digital seconds
  2. Count up timer / stop-watch. Need this asap

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Yes…a stopwatch would be excellent…please add ASAP.


I also wish the Wyze Watch had a Stopwatch App. For the money the watch is a great value. Having a stopwatch would make it truly golden.

Would love a stopwatch/interval timer

And would love to be able to add a photo behind one of the Simple watchfaces - or offer a scrub nurse style face, easy to read quickly for us old guys with bad eyes

My kids $5 Spider-Man watch has a stop watch. Who fell a sleep on the job the day they were planning features. While your at it add a flashlight app.


I hope the software will continue to be seriously upgraded. The hardware seems great, but the software has sooo much room for improvement.

  • stopwatch
  • enabling community made watchfaces (because you don’t seem to understand what makes a good watchface)
  • many more small things

Yes stopwatch is very important to o add and seems like a complete oversight that it is not on the watch from the start. Also if you do add a stopwatch you need to make sure that you can go to a different screen and the stopwatch will continue to run in the background.

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I find the absence of a stopwatch on my Wyze watch to really be a nuisance. Please add it to the firmware soon.

i was just revisiting the use of the Wyze watch i have, and the one thing i needed was a stopwatch or incrementing timer (that counts up, not down). I hope this gets added as it seems like such a basic feature.

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I’ve asked for that before. Amazing that such a basic function would not have been part of the original specifications for any digital watch.

Just one of the GLARING omissions. Seems easily fixed by software - but it looks like it’s an orphaned project.
Also let us set the active display time.
I’d like to be able to take it off, set it down, time things without it going off after 6 seconds.

stopwatch and something to see how long you have done something for.

would be nice to have a stopwatch function, that lets me name it (you can know it on the phone/online (yes it will be best to see an online means) and then I would be able to post your goals as then we can high+5five everyone and everybody) as maybe put it in a different app so that we never have to lose the able too just open/push the now(2/18/2022 @ 9:49 am) stopwatch function.

then it would be great to be able to rename/put into different folders=tags and then see each in a chart, be nice to be able to see the info online as not just on the phone.

I want a stop watch function on the Wyze watch.

While I have found the countdown timer feature very useful I think the watch also needs a real stop watch feature, perhaps with the split time option. While the running feature does have a timer it is awkward to use and not responsive.