Wyze Watch: Ability to toggle Bluetooth on and off

Hi, the Wyze Watch 47 is great. I just wish there was a way to toggle Bluetooth on and off from the watch’s Settings menu. I’m okay with syncing the watch with my phone once or twice a day.

I agree, The big issue I have, When in my car, I can not use my iphone to connect to my car because it is being used by the watch. The only solution is to delete the watch from my phone or power off the watch, Need an option on the watch to disable bluetooth on the watch similar to what smart phones have,

I too would like to be able to disable Bluetooth on the Watch, 44 in my case. I don’t need syncing all the time and would rather not have the exposure while sleeping. I’m perfectly willing and able to manually enable to sync and disable as I see fit.

Please add this simple toggle in settings,


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I am waiting for this feature as well. I think I have some kind of bluetooth allergy when it comes to wearables. I get a tingling feeling in the wrist after wearing for just 15mins or so. At this time looks like only Garmin watches have this Bluetooth toggle feature, I use Garmin Vivosmart. I will switch to Wyze watch once the bluetooth toggle feature is available.

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Please add this feature ASAP. I love sleep tracking, but prefer not to have Bluetooth on in bedroom. Thank you!

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How many people have to +Vote this for them to take it seriously?
It would be an improvement in UI and mitigating excessive EMF.

I agree with the ability to mitigate EMF. An “Airplane Mode” would be nice that would turn off the oxygen sensor as well as BlueTooth.