Watch functionality with out Bluetooth connection

My son really wants a smart watch but being young my wife worries about the exposure to Bluetooth.

Wondering if anyone knows what functionally the watch would have it was never connect to a phone via the app. If the watch was never connected or disconnected after initial set would it emit Bluetooth signal?


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The watch needs to connect to the app for setup and to continue to work. You’ll also need it to be do to the app to change any advanced settings or update the firmware. Almost all smart watches work this way. If you’re looking for a watch without Bluetooth, I’d go with a regular digital watch.

Thanks for the reply. I do agree that a digital watch might make more sense but he really wants the step counter and sleep monitor which I’m not aware of being available on a digital watch especially at the pre-release price of the Wyze watch. I could hook it up to my kindle for when we need to update/make changes. I generally keep the Bluetooth off.

Do you know if Bluetooth watches emit signal when not syncing with app?

The Wyze app is only made for Android or IOS devices. You can use workarounds to get the app on a Kindle, but it can be unstable.

The watch is constantly emitting a signal because it’s trying to pair with the device that has the Wyze app.

There are mechanical pedometers out there that will help him track steps. However I don’t know if any affordable sleep monitors without Bluetooth.

From an RF perspective Bluetooth is pretty low powered. Your WiFi and cellular signals are much stronger in comparison even with the proximity of a watch to your body.

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