Wyze watch/band - Persistent Bluetooth (to enable smart lock, auto health sync, and phone media control)

I would love to see the Wyze Band and Wyze Watch support a “persistent Bluetooth” option (perhaps with a warning to the user that this will greatly reduce battery life). A persistent connection would enable Android users to use Bluetooth “Smart Lock” to keep their phone unlocked when the watch/band is connected. This would also lay the groundwork for other features I’d love to see added to the Wyze Watch / Band like automatic health data syncing in the background and phone media control from my wrist.

If this is the reason my shortcuts to turn/off Wyze plug and outdoor plug with watch don’t work when iphone is locked, then this is a great tradeoff for reduced battery life. +1 vote

It would be great to control other wyze products like the lights, thermostat, door lock with the new wyze watch. How about Identity of caller along with the vibration.

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Agreed. It’s not a visible bluetooth device to add as a trusted device to keep the phone unlocked when together. It also doesn’t notify when the watch is separated from the phone. Both are a great features on the Samsung Gearfit. Would be willing to charge more frequently to have this. Could this be a toggled option?


I wish I had known the Wyze Watch couldn’t be used to keep my phone unlocked before I bought it. I have an Amazfit Bip that has this feature and still manages to go nearly two weeks between charges, so I doubt it’s a battery life concern. Maybe Wyze can fix it with a software update.


Its $20 the software will improve it has with all Wyze products.