Potential bluetooth issue with wyze band

We have some wyze cameras so I setup my Android (pixel2) with the wyze app and used my email/pass to login. I later setup my wife’s iphone 10, but instead of sharing the cameras, I just installed the iphone app and logged in using my account. Both phones can view and control all the cameras. ALL GOOD

We bought 1 wyze BAND to try it out and I linked it to my wife’s IPHONE and let her be the tester. If all went well, I was planning on buying one for myself.

All has been working well for about 4 days on her phone (data synced, find phone, etc all work). Today it stopped syncing and could not connect. After a reboot of the phone and band, still won’t connect via bluetooth.

Found that although I never tried to connect or pair, it auto paired the Wyze band to the the android thus the apple iphone could not reconnect. How did it pair without my permissions on my android. I only did the pairing with security code on the IPHONE.

Sounds like a bug?

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This could be a bug! Try deleting the band from the app and reconnecting it on the iPhone.

You can currently only have 1 Wyze band per account. Wyze is working on this!