Wyze Band - multiple bands with single account

I have my new Wyze Band and enjoy it so far. Some quirks, but they will get ironed out.

My wife is a little jealous, and I want to get her one when the Band is in stock again. However, I’m seeing some feedback in the forums regarding multiple phones connecting to the Band through a single Wyze account and causing some weirdness.

My question: Much like any Wyze device, can you attach more than one Wyze Band to your Wyze account? I would like to get my wife her own watch paired to the specific phone it was originally set up with. This may be possible, but I doubted it based on other comments in the forums. Thanks.

From what I’ve read your wife will have to setup her own Wyze account for her band then you just need to share with her any other Wyze devices on your account (like cameras and lock etc.).

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No. I tried adding a second Wyze Band to my account and it doesn’t allow two Bands on the same account. This is disappointing and I hope this will be changed in the future if possible. For now, more than one Wyze Band only works on separate accounts.

@jmprice1234 is correct.

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Yeah, that’s disappointing. I hope they are working on only syncing with the phone/device that was originally used to pair. Thanks for the help.

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You’re welcome! :slightly_smiling_face:

I bought bands for all 3 of my kids and was really disappointed to learn that I can only pair 1 band to an account at 1 time. I did create accounts for all the kids, but still in order to sync them I have to sign in/out of the app on my phone, which is a major pain.

can you enable the ability to sync via bluetooth connection on a computer (specifically I’d like to use a chromebook but I would think this should be possible via any platform type). then the kids could sign into their accounts on their computers and sync without using my phone?

or alternatively, can you make it so you can sync more than 1 band per account??


Any news on this question? I don’t even care about syncing the bands I got for my kids, but they default back to the pairing screen after I set them up and then you have to go through the entire set up process again.
I just want to turn on the band on, set it up, and let them use it as watch that also will track their steps just for fun and has a couple other features like the alarm and stopwatch options available to them.


nope I hadn’t heard anything further on it since I submitted it. still hoping, though.

So I started my romance with Wyze Cameras. I set up the Wyze App with my email address. I invited my wife into the relationship, adding her email to my original account. I share the camera (sensors, whatever) to her email

Recently we’ve ordered two Wyze Bands. MY band adds to my original account, no problem.

My wife downloads the app and tried to register her own personal account under her email address. No joy – that email is associated with my account. I see no menu to de-link her email from my account. I’ve un-shared the cameras from her email within my account but we don’t seem to be able yet to set up an independent Wyze account under her email with a single new device, the Band.


I am glad to see I am not the only one inquiring here about this. I wish they would make it like adding another camera to your app. Name each band with the child’s name so the data can be easily viewed by the parent.

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Multiple sensors, multiple camera, etc. Why not multiple bands??? Come on WYZE. WYZE up!